Review of Net Zero Company’s zero waste-friendly products

Santa really came through last month! After writing a blog in 2019 on how bad the microplastic situation is, I’ve been thinking about how I can go more zero waste.

Enter Ethical Influencers and Net Zero Company‘s offer to review two of their products: Bamboo Cotton Rounds, and Bamboo Cutlery Set.

I went to work testing out the products and as I suspected to feel…I am converted!

12 Piece Bamboo Cotton Rounds with Laundry Bag and Travel Pouch

If you’re like me, you have a jar full of round disposable cotton pads for removing eye makeup. Once that jar empties, I go back to Rexall (my local drugstore) and just fill it up again. Cotton is biodegradable, but more and more I think of all of the pads I throw in the trash and how much it contributes to the landfill. My one major question with respect to washable cotton rounds was: Are they just as effective?

So a good ol’ fashioned before & after test was in order.

Before makeup removal:

Wearing as much eye makeup as humanly possible

After eye makeup removal:

Au naturel

As you can see, the bamboo pad was just as effective. Although not as physically sturdy as the disposable cotton, there is more surface area; so you can wipe off even more makeup. There is a rougher, bamboo terry surface for scrubbing and a soft, bamboo velour surface on the other side. I’ve noticed my eyelashes growing thinner and more sparse as I age, so the more gentle I can wipe in that area, the better.

The product – $21.99 CAD – includes 12 pads, a bag for washing, and a cute travel bag with narwhals on it. Since I do laundry about once a week, it’s great to have more than seven pads as I don’t have to worry about going through a wash cycle before finding a way to remove my makeup.

Highly recommend!

Bamboo Cutlery Set with Handkerchief and Pouch

Last year, I found quite a bit of reusable bamboo cutlery sets available online, but Net Zero’s is such a bonus: it comes with chopsticks (I live in Vancouver so we have tons of Asian food!), a straw & straw cleaner, and handkerchief.

I headed over to Vancouver’s own zero waste grocery store, NADA, along with my reusable metal plate from The Soap Dispensary to get some lunch and test out the new products. Even though you don’t have to bring your own containers if you’re dining in, it was cool that NADA allowed me to use my own plate. Their nice, bright white lighting provided some great ambiance for taking photos, and for watching people do their package-free grocery shopping!

On the menu: Half avocado toast with hemp seeds and carrots (it was seriously the best avo toast I’ve ever had), and daily harvest salad with spinach, green beans, rainbow carrots, walnuts, and dijon/Italian herb dressing. All vegan, and all delish!

While I didn’t try out the chopsticks this time around, the cutlery worked just fine. The knife cut through easily, and I had some trouble using the fork to pick up some of the harder carrots because it isn’t curved as much as a metal fork, so ended up just using the spoon instead with the fork in my left hand, Asian style.

I would have tried out the straw along with my reusable souvenir cup from Justin Timberlake’s FutureSexLoveSound tour in ’07 but my stomach was recovering from some issues the day before, and I didn’t want to overload it.

The cutlery set comes in a cute, foldable, 100% cotton pouch (Pink Floral) with a washable handkerchief, so you don’t even need napkins! I was initially concerned about getting my pouch dirty, but reminded myself THIS IS WASHABLE too! According to Net Zero, bamboo has antibacterial qualities that prevent mould growth, so you don’t have to worry about washing the cutlery so quickly after use.

It retails for $21.99 CAD and there are two other styles: Green Leaves, and Navy Whale.

Net Zero Co. is just one of the many retailers popping up to solve the plastic and waste impact crisis, so whether you buy from them or a more local zero waste retailer, it’s great to start somewhere.


About Net Zero Company

Based right here in Vancouver, Net Zero provides functional, stylish, and most importantly, reusable products for every aspect of day-to-day life. The founders were looking out at the beach on a beautiful sunny day, but knowing that 8.3 BILLION plastic straws pollute our world’s beaches, sipping from their single-use plastic straws at the same time made it hard to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. They knew that just seconds after the waiter took away their drinks to bring them another round, those straws would go directly in the trash and start on their journey to polluting the water and beaches they were admiring. When the next round came, each drink with another new plastic straw, they knew we had to do something.

Net Zero offers reusable products for the home, kitchen, bathroom, and on-the-go, and even use plastic-free, 100% biodegradable packaging, so you don’t even have to worry about the guilt that can come with packaging that isn’t recyclable or reusable. It felt really weird to fold up that package and compost it, but that was SO COOL!

For every Net Zero order, they plant trees by donating to Eden Reforestation Projects. They also have a Net Zero Journal and several collections to make it easy to start your zero waste journey.


How to buy

Visit Net Zero Co at the coordinates below; they ship worldwide. They gave me the discount code SHOWKIWILUV for 15% off my next order, so  I’m happy to pass that onto you!
Instagram: @netzerocompany
Net Zero Co. on YouTube

Disclosure: I received both products as part of this review.
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