The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need

The Only PR Guide You’ll Ever Need is a comprehensive, self-guided workbook on how to incorporate good public relations into your business, whether you’re pre-startup or have been running a corporation for decades. It’s a map that blends new communication methods with responsible and earnest counsel, sourced from PR and business experts alike.

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Why isn’t an audio book available?

  • I chose not to record an audio version of my book because it is an interactive guide that is meant to solicit input from the reader. I would suggest purchasing the digital book, which will let you fill out answers to the questions and notes to create your own public relations plan.

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Praise for The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need

“It’s true: this IS the only PR guide you’ll ever need! It’s so damn thorough, yet simple. Sandra takes the multi-layered work of PR and peels it back to its core: relationships. Then helps readers build those relationships from the inside out. Which, as a marketer, is the cornerstone of great brands. This guide is informative, digestible, wise, and useful. It’s also fun and straight-up honest. Sandra’s not a smoke n’ mirrors kinda businesswoman. She sugarcoats nothing and clearly delivers sound advice and steps to connect, communicate, and build. You won’t have questions when you’re done reading; you’ll have an impossible-to-suppress desire to put all you just learned to work—stat. This guide is incredibly valuable for small businesses.”
Kim McMullen, Chief Creative Renegade, Flipside Creative

“Nomoto is a rare and confident voice on how to execute good communications. This book brings valuable insight into how you can bridge the often intimidating tasks of brand story, team and culture programs, purpose, and online storytelling processes into an all-encompassing, practical guide to public relations. I highly recommend it for students and c-suite executives alike.”
Ryan Honeyman, Partner/Worker-Owner, LIFT Economy

“For the average storytelling entrepreneur or solopreneur like myself, it’s hard enough juggling the daily to-dos on our list. But when we’re expected to craft PR strategies on top of those must-dos, it can feel overwhelming. Where to start? How to start? Thankfully, Sandra Nomoto has created a workbook of sorts, a practical guide that can help you approach and tackle even your most intimidating tasks. Sandra’s PR guide can help anyone take that first step, and then the second, and third on their PR journey. ‘Cause, let’s be honest, you can spend all those hours on building a business but without a PR strategy to get it ‘out there,’ your impact is limited.”
Elisa Birnbaum, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, SEE Change Magazine

How to properly cite from my book

As a book editor, I know it can be a pain to properly cite books and e-books. Here are some guidelines to help!

Digital book


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Nomoto, Sandra. The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need. Self-published, 2019. PDF/name of application.

Hard copy book


#. Sandra Nomoto, The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need (self-pub: CreateSpace, 2019), page numbers.


Nomoto, Sandra. The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need. Self-published, CreateSpace, 2019.


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