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The vegan marketing bible you’ve been waiting for.

Billions of dollars are being invested into the vegan and plant-based industries, but who’s going to come out on top? Marketing touches almost every aspect of business: messaging, distribution, customer service, sales, and public perception. How do you know what marketing strategies or tactics work? What media or social media outlets are important, and when? And how much should you budget?

Using case studies and examples from today’s vegan industry leaders, this vegan marketing book will teach you:
⦁ Marketing secrets of vegan and plant-based businesses around the world
⦁ How on- and off-line tactics contribute to a cohesive strategy
⦁ Topical issues that few marketing books are talking about

From reviewing the basics to defining the marketing terms you’ve seen but perhaps haven’t implemented, Vegan Marketing Success Stories covers your bases in marketing vegan businesses—all without requiring a million-dollar marketing budget. Learn what vegan brands did to weather the pandemic, and some that transitioned to become vegan. The vegan industry is on the rise, and Vegan Marketing Success Stories is equal parts inspirational, cautionary tale, and the practical manual you’ll need to succeed today.

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“In depth, engaging, and immediately applicable, Vegan Marketing Success Stories will be a boon to your business, whether you’re a startup or already making waves.”
Victoria Moran, Chief Compassion Officer, Main Street Vegan Academy

“Sandra Nomoto relates a variety of marketing methods in her latest book Vegan Marketing Success Stories and draws insights from the successes of a multitude of vegan businesses. Learn the exact tools they used to reach and attract their ideal audience and grow your own customer base.”
Claire Smith, Vegan Entrepreneur and Impact Investor, Beyond Investing

“Sandra Nomoto has put together an excellent collection of marketing success stories from a diverse range of vegan businesses, in her latest book Vegan Marketing Success Stories. Find out the exact tools and strategies these business owners used to reach and attract their ideal audience. An invaluable, inspirational and practical guide for all vegan business owners.”
Katrina Fox, Founder of Vegan Business Media & Author of Vegan Ventures: Start & Grow an Ethical Business

“If you’ve ever felt lost trying to navigate the maze of marketing madness, you need Sandra’s book! It will guide you with practical, honest information and help you tap into the resident knowledge of your peers, future colleagues, and trailblazing business leaders so you can plan your next successful marketing campaign. This is the book you’ve been searching for.”
Stephanie Redcross West, Managing Director, Vegan Mainstream

“Vegan businesses and even nonprofits will find Vegan Marketing Success Stories a massive help in creating intelligent marketing strategies, and find inspiration in the case studies and examples Sandra draws on. It’s not only a valuable how-to, it’s a fun read from a pro who is passionate about creating a vegan world.”
Kezia Jauron, Co-Founder, Evolotus Public Relations

“At a time when vegan businesses and technological advances are creating a multi-billion dollar industry, it’s vital we have reliable resources like Sandra’s book. This is the perfect collection of marketing best practices for entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams and a better world.”
Erik Amundson, Co-Founder, Vevolution

The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need (2019)

The Only PR Guide You’ll Ever Need is a comprehensive, self-guided workbook on how to incorporate good public relations into your business, whether you’re pre-startup or have been running a corporation for decades. It’s a map that blends new communication methods with responsible and earnest counsel, sourced from PR and business experts alike.

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