The Fiery Crusader

I’m as straight edge as they get, baby.

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I’m an award-winning communications professional, writer, former public relations agency CEO, author, wife, aunt, and vegan on a mission to teach businesses and marketers to create and publish better content—both in ethics and effectiveness.

My vision is a world that gives all living beings and the planet the chance to live to their fullest potential.

I’ve long integrated my personal values as an adult into my work. Yoga, meditation, books, documentaries, and more tools have helped me become an ethical person and an impactful leader. In 2018, I went vegan and swapped alcohol for cannabis. I don’t even drink caffeine; good ol’ sleep’s enough for me.

On the side of my desk, I co-host VEG Networking Canada, where plant-based and vegan companies connect and collaborate. I’ve also served on a few non-profit boards.

Everyone has an impact

And I’m constantly searching for ways to better serve the world. I believe my lived experience gives me a unique lens into ethical, inclusive, and vegan marketing no one else has. 

child of immigrants with colonizer blood


I know what it’s like to grow up in a culture heavily influenced by a colonizing country. I’m an ex-Catholic who hasn’t lived in my ancestors’ homeland. However, I recognize all the sacrifices they and my parents made to give me the privilege that comes with being raised in a country like Canada.

second-gen settler


Being born in a country that isn’t the origin of my ancestors, I know I’ve settled on land that is not mine. I recognize the gift that the Indigenous Peoples of Canada have given me and try to be mindful of how we help or harm them in how we do business.


I’ve thrived in some environments where extroverts typically do. I’ve managed a volunteer team, worked overtime to plan and execute events, and have spoken to audiences of over 100 people. However, I do my best work in my home office. Not only am I extremely efficient working remotely, but my most creative ideas come when I’m working alone.

spiritual being

While I’m not a practitioner of any religion, I believe that we’re all connected by a divine energy and creative force. We’re here to help each other be our best selves and stewards of our planet. Part of how I navigate stressful situations involves my connection to my ancestors/spirit guides through meditation, prayer, intuition, and interpreting signs. (If you’re into Human Design, I’m a Generator with Sacral Authority and a 4/6 Profile.)

middle child


My relationships with my older and younger siblings gave me the gifts of open-mindedness, understanding different viewpoints, diplomacy, and the ability to negotiate.

pop culture nerd


I appreciate all forms of film, TV, art, and music, but am also aware of the role these forms play in influencing behaviour and cultural norms. Controversy in marketing (even well intended) isn’t an excuse to exploit a particular group.



Witnessing the growth of my mixed-race niece and transgender nephew makes me aware of my everyday impacts on the planet they’ll inherit and the importance of fighting for rights of all minorities.

WOC in business

I only began having discussions of JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, inclusion) at work a decade after starting my career. When given the opportunity, I hire suppliers who are women of colour and who share my values. I’m sensitive to marketing that is or isn’t inclusive of minorities. I know firsthand how much more important marketing is for minority-owned companies.

ex-cult member


In my early 30s, I was in two self-development cults. I’ve since worked closely with a cult whistleblower and know the red flags that might be at play in an organization’s culture you might be blind to daily.


Having spent over a decade achieving a vegan lifestyle, I’ve learned about all the issues that intersect with our relationship with animals: human and planetary health, social justice, racism, classism, etc. I’ve committed to creating content only for vegan businesses (I can spot cruel language in marketing) and will always champion veganism and the vegan industry.



We don’t live just to pay bills and die. We all have natural superpowers. If we used them to make the world a better place, it would be one.

Everyone is creative, not just artists. Bringing forth an idea, a service, a skill, or a product is in our nature and can be used for good.

If you want to grow, you have to learn. But it’s important to seek out the truth to be able to act on it for the betterment of all.

If you jive with my values and want to solve the world’s biggest problems together through your business or make a positive impact with your book, HMU.

Thanks for reading.


With infinite gratitude,

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