I’m Sandra Nomoto (she/her),


a 41-year-old vegan foodie, writer, and wife on a mission to empower others to make small, meaningful decisions and actions that will help make the world a better place.


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In my 4 decades on planet Earth, I’ve earned a university degree in English Literature & Film Studies, helped grow a local film festival, started and closed a few businesses, and have become a self-development/spiritual junkie and advocate for the vegan lifestyle.

I believe that we’re all connected by a divine energy and that we’re here to help each other be our best selves and stewards of our planet. I believe that the people of my generation and youth and are going to determine the fate of the world in the next few decades.

The more I learn, the more I realize how much humans have set up systems that only favor the wealthy few and literally kill the planet we call home. The best way to consume is not to consume, but in our modern world, we all need to eat and work.

I know what it’s like to question whether the companies you’re buying from share your values, truly care about you or your future, or are helping or harming the earth.



It wasn’t long ago when I was wondering how I could serve the world other than through my business. When I was 25, I started digging deep and learning what my personal values were as an adult. I did yoga, began meditating, and read self-development books (The Oprah Winfrey Show was the shit back then). After watching a powerful documentary on the treatment of animals called Earthlings, I made more conscious choices in the way I ate.

I bought more locally made, natural, and organic household items and body products, and challenged myself to shop for clothes locally for one year. I learned from people and resources that helped me make more of these conscious decisions. From 2012 to 2018, I made it my mission to help responsible businesses tell their stories, and certified my agency as a B Corporation twice.

I discovered it wasn’t difficult to live consciously and have a great quality of life. I still do all the same things I did before my epiphany, but now my choices are engrained in my everyday decisions. When I choose natural vs. chemical, I am strengthening my body and improving my health. When I choose food that is animal-free, I am saving animals from harm and doing my part to prevent climate change.

People ask me about the things I buy and where they can get them, or better options. And I enjoy engaging with companies to let them know we care about what they do—or don’t do—that affects us.



It isn’t always easy. I’ll still buy a piece of clothing made in Morocco when I can’t find what I’m looking for from a local or a second-hand store. I’ve changed a lot in my adult years, and am still changing.

My progress wasn’t done in one fell swoop, but by small changes every day and every year. And it feels awesome to move closer to the person I want to become because I am living according to my values more and more. I know I help people, animals and the planet because of my choices. Positive impact has become one of my deepest values.

Today, I serve as a content writer, editor, and marketing consultant for cruelty-free companies, and offer several services to vegan and spiritual authors publishing memoirs or other types of books. I’ve fully embraced my identity as an Asian vegan woman, and am also one of the few vegan women of color in the world who have the skills I do.

One of my valued volunteer roles is co-host of VEG Networking Canada, where plant-based and vegan companies connect and collaborate. We’re a group of Canadian vegan professionals + entrepreneurs who meet on Zoom 2–4 times monthly.

Through this site, I want to help you dig deep and live according to your values. The first step is simple. Keep visiting, engage with me on social media to tell me YOUR success stories or tips on living consciously, or stay connected through my e-newsletter.

Click around to find the services and products I sell, and for my lists of resources. (I love making lists.)

Thanks for reading!


With infinite gratitude,

I'm an Asian Canadian, spiritual, health-conscious vegan, author, and content marketer. Learn a bit about who I am and what this site is about.
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