Reviewing the best videos by vegan companies in 2024’s first quarter

Extending my curating habits from my monthly newsletter where I round up all the marketing wins I see from vegan companies around the world (including videos), I’m gonna share the best videos I come across in each quarter. Vegan companies don’t nearly get their due and because we’re a minority industry that animal ag is constantly putting down, this is my way to celebrate their creativity and well-spent—non-subsidized—ad budgets.

I also have a new career dream of co-owning or being a Creative Director at a media production company that produces vegan-related films, series, ads and PSAs, so this is my way of learning and tracking all that’s being done in the space.

Next month I should be able to recap Q2’s best videos, so you won’t need to wait as long for that post. Let’s dig in!


“We’ve been silly billies” by THIS

This is less comedic and stunt-y than some of the other videos THIS has done, but I love that they spotlighted a jerk chicken afficionado. The cringe look on his face is so palpable. Bonus points for the social proof factor and testimonial.


“Javier in Frame” by Google Pixel SB

Okay, I know it’s questionable whether Google‘s a vegan company. But if it’s not bringing obvious harms to people, planet, or animals, I count it as one.

I think all companies, including ones that are vegan, need to consider inclusivity in their marketing and highlighting minorities in the community. This Super Bowl ad gets my award for the quarter for inclusive marketing.


“Feel Planty Good” by Silk

Solid effort for this Super Bowl ad. I think Jeremy Renner’s a good spokesperson for soy, but the singing threw me off. He’s good! (Yes, I know Silk is owned by a non-vegan parent company.)


“Twist on It” by OREO

This Super Bowl ad’s a fun walk through history and gamifies the classic cookie. (OREO‘s parent company isn’t vegan and I know the use of sugar and palm oil in the cookies is questionable.)


“Mr. P” by Pringles

Another Super Bowl ad with a Hollywood star. I detest Pringles (owned by a non-vegan parent company) but they’re a pretty solid staple for Americans so the ad makes sense.


“Don’t Take My Cheese” by PETA

Another Super Bowl ad by PETA, which shows ad prices must be dwindling. I would have liked to see Edie Falco reprise her role as Carmela Soprano for this, but it’s still a fantastic performance with a strong message at the end.


“In e.l.f we Trust” by e.l.f Cosmetics

This was my pick for best Super Bowl ad, bringing back Judge Judy Sheindlin herself, the cast of Suits, and featuring other cameos by e.l.f. Cosmetics endorser Meghan Trainor, “Jury Duty’s” Ronald Gladden, drag queen, Heidi N Closet, actor and comedian Benito Skinner, law clerk from “Judy Justice,” Sarah Rose former NFL linebacker and EMMY-winning television host Emmanuel Acho.


“A Message from Deadpool to U.S. Taxpayers” by Switch4Good

I doubt Switch4Good got the rights to use this character from Disney, but it gets bonus points for creativity and getting a voice actor (or is it AI?) that sounds just like Ryan Reynolds.


“CLIMAXXX. Do It For Earth.” by Better Climate Store

Can sex sell climate advocacy? I don’t know, but this is a valiant attempt but the BETTER climate store and Climaxxx, its vegan condoms.


“This Leather Blood Bath Video Will Make You Swear Off Animal Skin” by PETA

Another stunner from PETA…they’ve done a lot of ads on leather and fur, but I guess we have to get more gory until people stop buying these products for clothing.


“Corpse Paint” by Liquid Death x e.l.f. Cosmetics

This is possibly the best collab I’ve encountered in the vegan world thus far. How does a cosmetics company (e.l.f. Cosmetics) and water (Liquid Death) cross promote? It’s like Barbie x Metallica realized.


My pick for best of Q1: “MayoHaters” by NotCo

This was my pick for the quarter because of the social proof factor, but with a twist. Usually, when a consumer tries a plant-based meat alternative and finds it surprisingly tasty, it works. NotCo takes this concept but uses folks who genuinely seem to hate mayo, showing that a plant-based mayo alt can be just as disgusting to the mayo haters!

Did I miss any ads you thought ruled Q1 2024? Let me know!


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