If you want to back your marketing budget with numbers, this is your gal.

Tifany Mazza and I met through LinkedIn when she found out about my book. We also met online and chatted about all the great things her agency, Tykio, does. Let’s learn all about her!


When and how did you go vegan?

I went vegan in February 2020 for the animals.


How did you get into marketing, and what kind of marketing you do now?

Having been surrounded by technology since childhood thanks to my dad launching his AI company when I was 13, I’ve always been drawn to the digital world. Marketing, though, has been my passion from the get-go. So, after earning my advertising degree, stepping into digital marketing was a natural next step. Now, I’m leading a full-stack Google Partner Digital Marketing agency. We handle everything from web development to running ad campaigns, crafting engaging email content, and more.


What kind of work fires you up right now?

What excites me the most is when I have the chance to help vegan, like-minded businesses grow their sales.


Share your best marketing win.

I have my creative side, but I’m mainly a numbers person, so when I get to see metrics increase and reach the brand’s goals, that is always a win. For example, I led the creation of a new e-commerce website for a brand that resulted in a +30% conversion rate. Or the creation of paid media campaigns achieving an ROI higher than 4000%.


Who or what vegan company do you think is crushing in marketing right now?

Oatly and Don’t Eat the Homies


Do you do anything else that’s not marketing related?

I also started a curated vegan shop, Not To Die For, to make vegan living easier for all. Check it out at nottodiefor.us.


Find out all about Tifany and Tykio at tykio.com and if you hire the company, tell them I sent you!

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