A great starting cookbook with memoir elements by a vegan mother-daughter duo

When I borrowed this book from the library and saw that three quarters of it contained recipes, I didn’t plan to review it, but I found some parts of it worth sharing with you. Published in 2018 by a then fifty-year-old Tracye McQuirter and her then eighty-year-old mother, Mary, Ageless Vegan (published by Hachette Book Group) marked their 30th anniversary as vegans!

I’ve just passed the five-year mark as a vegan myself and people like this confirm that it is possible to be a lifelong vegan and reap the benefits of the lifestyle.


Is Ageless Vegan a memoir?

As I’ve just mentioned, the book isn’t a memoir, but the first quarter or so of it outlines how both women went vegan and some tips on how to move toward or keep committed to the lifestyle. In 1988, Mary learned to cook vegan meals because there were few restaurants with vegan options, and the internet wasn’t available then.

Tracye talked about dabbling in vegetarianism in her college days and how learning about the dairy industry set her on the path to becoming vegan.

Both women noticed their skin had improved, and have since not taken medications or suffered from chronic diseases. They’re often told that they look younger than they are, and I’d agree.

Is Ageless Vegan a vegan book?

While the book isn’t a vegan memoir, it certainly is a vegan nonfiction book. Besides a brief background on how each woman went vegan, the book shares:

  • Their Fab Five Food Rules
  • Examples of a daily food regimen
  • Benefits of plant-based foods
  • 14 steps to going vegan
  • Helpful kitchen tools
  • Common pantry and other grocery items

Similar to Living the Farm Sanctuary Life, Ageless Vegan contains some inspiring memoir-like elements as an introduction, and then over 100 recipes anyone can use to skyrocket a plant-based lifestyle. The recipes I kept:

  • Cajun Quinoa
  • Curried Lentil Soup
  • Navy Bean and Kale Soup
  • Pinto Bean Wrap
  • Tempeh Panini


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