Because every vegan author needs a good vegan editor!

After the Vegan Business 2.0 blog I published a few weeks back, I realized that there needs to be a directory for authors who want to work with a book editor who is vegan.

There are a few vegan book publishers out there: Vegan Heritage Press, which specializes in vegan cookbooks, BenBella Vegan (Dallas, TX), and Vegan Publishers (Boston, MA), so if you don’t want to self-publish you can approach one of these companies with your book idea. The Quarto Group also does vegan book publishing, though not exclusively. Lots of publishing houses produce (vegan) cookbooks, but that doesn’t mean the person editing your book is going to be vegan, so if that’s important to you, read on.

There weren’t any existing directories for vegan book editors, so I just created one!


I haven’t listed myself, but I’m open to working with vegan or spiritual authors on their memoirs. I’m based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, am of Asian descent, and you can find info on my author services here:


Since these folks are spread out around the world, I’ve included locations here since it can be beneficial to work with someone in your area who knows your regional spelling, ways of speaking, other book professionals in your area, and so on. So far I’m the vegan book editor I’ve found who’s a woman of colour!

Amy Koerner

Amy is a freelance writer, editor and proofreader originally from the UK but now based in Frankfurt, Germany. She’s also a passionate and committed vegan who loves to cook, eat and share her love of plant-based food with anyone who’ll listen! Amy especially enjoys combining her passion for words with her love of all things vegan by supporting and working with vegan writers, publishing houses and businesses.

Contact Amy at

Based in: Frankfurt, Germany

Carole Audet

Carole Audet is an editor and writer who works virtually from her home in Orillia, Ontario, the small city notable for renowned creatives Gordon Lightfoot and Stephen Leacock.

Carole helps her clients by creating and publishing their online content, she edits and writes feature stories for Canadian Vegan Magazine, and she’s the Editor-in-Chief of Vegan Society of Canada. She’s currently working on a project that showcases the brave women and men who are frontline activists and organizers who speak up for those without a voice.

In addition to being on the roster of editors for two small publishers, she works with authors privately, including helping them navigate the independent publishing process.

Carole is passionate about advocating for animals and working with individuals and organizations who are making a positive impact in the world. She supports non-profits that advocate for animals, including Animal Justice, Humane Society International and Mercy for Animals.

Contact Carole at

Based in: Orillia, Ontario, Canada


Jenna Nelson Patton

Tasteful Editing is owned by Jenna Nelson Patton, an experienced freelance editor with more than ten years of experience and a specialty in cookbook and wellness editing. She works with large publishers and small presses, best-selling authors and first-time writers. When you work with her, you’ll find that she truly enjoys what she does. She began editing ten years ago because she enjoys working with languages and helping authors to set readers up for success. She likes being a part of the team that turns a manuscript into a finished book. She learns something new from every project, and it seems like there is always a new trend or ingredient to keep things interesting. She specializes in cookbook and recipe editing and also edits health, wellness, crafts, and hobbies. She provides services to large publishers and small presses.

You can contact Jenna at

Based in: Maine, USA

Elizabeth Gary

Liz Gary is a plant-based foods educator, food writer, digital designer and emerging ePublisher offering digital and print media options.
A two-time PETA activist award winner, Liz has pioneered foods education programs at every grade level and mastered the art of bringing community groups together to share the joy of plant-based foods.

Her food writing experience includes over 150 weekly feature recipes for Southern California grocery chain Jensen’s Foods, she has compiled recipes from culinary labs at nine high schools creating a series of Vegan Club Cookbooks and has additional works including Vegan Fashion Week: Recipes from the Runway, Tijuana Veggie Fest: The Best of BajaVegan Seafood from the Galley of WindfallVegan Nights: Recipes from the Church Kitchen and her latest work, Black Belt in Tofu. Liz is founder of the Vegan Writers Club hosted by Vegan Mainstream Online Training and offers a bi-weekly free online meeting space for vegan writers to come together for networking, skills-building, and support for expanding our bandwidth in sharing the good news about plant-based foods.

Contact Elizabeth at

Based in: San Diego, CA, USA

Mem Davis

Mem Davis is an Australian copywriter and editor from the beautiful south coast of Wollongong, NSW Australia.

She produces creative copy that converts for vegan and ethically-centred businesses, because she believe in supporting those who practice their craft with compassion and sustainability.

By collaborating with people who care for the wellbeing of their customers, animal friends, and the environment, Mem believes we can work together towards a kinder future.

Mem is a university qualified naturopath, nutritionist, and massage therapist. She’s also a certified doula and holds a tertiary certificate in Marketing & Communications.

You can find Mem at

Based in: Australia

Tara Foss

I’ve been an editor for over half my life, doing the work I love for more than 20 years. I specialize in non-fiction editing, including business, STEM, nursing, education, and non-profits. I’ve lived and worked in the UK and the US, and I’m a dual national! I help writers, business owners, grad students, and others say what they need to, in the best possible way. When I’m not editing, I volunteer with my local humane society and participate in local vegan groups, in person in the past and virtually. I also play with and walk my pups, and sometimes you might find a rogue foster dog hanging around my house. That means dog hair. Lots of dog hair…

You can reach Tara at

Based in: UK


I also found these folks on Editors Canada who have worked on vegan books, but they may not be vegan.

Adrineh Der-Boghossian

Adrineh is a communications professional with 10+ years’ experience in writing, editing, and translation. She’s worked mostly in the non-profit space and academia but also has experience in research and online media. Based in Toronto, Canada, where she’s spent most of her working life, she’s also lived in Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, and Yerevan (Armenia).

Joanne Haskins 

Joanne learned the fundamentals of editing and publishing at a small national magazine, where she got hands-on experience in everything from brainstorming monthly themes and story ideas to copy editing, from project management to proofreading. She took on feature writing, advertising and newsletter design, and development of other publications, and left as managing editor. She went on to found Think Communications, where she helps a range of clients make the most of their words so they can connect meaningfully with their audience. She’s worked as a freelance editor on a variety of publication formats, including books, magazines, newsletters, essays, reports, websites, social media and online learning, on incredibly diverse subjects. She’s based in Toronto, but her clients are from around the globe and include small-press and self-publishing authors, publishers, academics, organizations, government agencies and businesses.

Vicki Gregory 

Vicki provides editing services for crafters, creators, makers, and trade non-fiction subjects. She combines her creative background with her love of words. She’s a graduate of Simon Fraser university’s editing program and is a member of Editors Canada and the Indexers Society of Canada. Her recent professional training is in cookbook editing and back-of-book indexing. Her editing experience includes corporate proposals and user documentation; workplace arbitration reports; blogs; retail marketing; and family history memoirs. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

I’m just as surprised as you that this entire list is of women. While I don’t doubt there are male (or non-identifying) vegan editors out there, they obviously need to do a better job of being found!

Need a vegan copyeditor to help you edit your vegan or spiritual memoir, or other nonfiction book? Contact me!

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