How speaking, media articles, and social media establishes authority

In the public relations chapter in Vegan Marketing Success Stories, I share how Persona Abode‘s Jecks Stone combines several tactics with her digital efforts to to establish herself as an authority in interior design industry.


Write articles/get featured in key industry media

Jecks writes articles for other companies to establish her authority in the interior design industry. After sharing part of her vegan interior design story on LinkedIn, someone who publishes articles for design professionals contacted her, for whom she’s since written several articles about vegan interior design. Some examples for The Interior Design Showcase are “A look at the growth in use of vegan products in home interior design” and “Six animals and their products that householders can avoid when creating vegan interior design for their home.

This has led to more writing and speaking opportunities for and Vegan Food and Living magazine. Below are some examples she shared with me.

Speaking creates faster connections than media alone

One of Jecks’s best marketing tactics is capitalizing on speaking opportunities. Unlike print media, webinars and panel talks help her form an immediate and faster connection with a targeted audience. She’s capitalized on some of these opportunities through social media.

“Users on social media actively seek out professionals with specializations, so through simply seeing a post where I’ve been discussing sustainability and vegan design, they’ve reached out to invite me to elaborate on the subject of vegan and wellness design,” she said. “This has taught me the power of speaking about your speciality and doing so in a positive light, without expectation of gaining clients.”

She continued: “Through the publishing of these articles, I’ve been invited to speak on panel talks including London Build Expo and Decorex. In early 2021, a woman reached out to me, having found my profile on Instagram when she was looking into well-being and the work environment. After meeting on Zoom and sharing more of my story about why wellness design is important, I was invited to speak to a London-based corporate group of employees—which turned out to be Facebook.”

Having a presence on social media, writing articles, and capitalizing on speaking opportunities has clearly benefited Persona Abode. “You have to set up a holistic and honed marketing strategy,” she said.

Jecks also contributed an excerpt to a section on diversity and inclusion, which I’m really proud to have added in the book.

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