This might be the easiest recipe I own.

5 ingredients, nearly an entire week of lunch meals, and zero prep. Who could ask for more?

Seriously, I love this quesadilla. It’s arguably much easier than my jackfruit quesadilla recipe and still fills you up in summer, when we tend to eat less and drink more. I prefer using Sicilian pesto which has a bit more of a kick, but I’ve yet to find a vegan version at my grocery store. This week, I tried Sunflower Kitchen‘s Kale and Oregano pesto for the first time, and I’m digging it!

You probably don’t want to make this all the time as 3/5 of the ingredients are processed, but I’d go for this any day over a meal with meat. I’m starting to tire of seeing all the raw meat getting butchered on Food Network shows lately!

Ingredients for 6 quesadillas:

3 roma tomatoes (use 1/2 per quesadilla)
1 package baby spinach
1 package vegan mozzarella cheez (I use Daiya shreds)
1 180g jar vegan pesto (or 12 tsp worth)
6 large tortillas

Place the tortilla in a pan as you heat it to medium. On the bottom half, spread a layer of pesto, sprinkle a layer of cheese, then add sliced tomatoes, a layer of spinach, and another layer of cheese. Fold the top half on top. Heat for 5 minutes, then flip and heat the other side for another 5 minutes or until the cheez has melted.


Enjoy this random video of Jessica Williams trying to get Liam Hemsworth to guess the word “quesadilla” in a game of Catchphrase on The Tonight Show!

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