This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

On my first hand analysis reading and the recurring FIRE theme

My hand said it all!

Last month I was gifted with a free hand analysis session by Joan Trinh Pham, who is in training for hand analysis, as well as an extraordinary burlesque artist and palliative care nurse. My only knowledge about hand reading was from Leo’s friend, whose grandfather used to read palms. She would photocopy all of her boyfriend’s hands and show them to her grandfather, who would tell her what the suitors were like and whether or not they were compatible with her. Sounds like fun, right?

I’ve grown less keen over the years to horoscopes, psychic “I can tell your future” readers, and things that try to tell me who or what I am going to be, instead of letting me create my future for myself. So I was especially impressed when Joan said that her method of hand reading tells you the who-you-are-now, as a result of your thoughts, actions, and life experiences, rather than who you are going to be.

I was so surprised at how accurate her reading was. Joan and I know each other from the networking group we are both a part of, but she doesn’t know me or my business THAT well. So I knew that she wasn’t just guessing. It was so interesting that I wanted the session to go on for longer! I’m sure it’d be possible to go even deeper, with more training, knowledge, and time.

So, back to my lesson learned. Joan was able to highlight – based on the lines running on my hand  – what my challenges were as someone who is naturally a Fire sign, but with an Air half. This means that I have that fiery, emotional, passionate side, but that I counteract that with a more thoughtful, analytical, patient Air side. This is the side I am most familiar with that has probably saved me many times, but on the flipside, has prevented me from expressing myself fully. So there’s that Fire theme again!

There were many other revelations, but this was the biggest lesson learned (yet again) that I was told I needed to take with me into 2015. To not think TOO much, not present myself as “perfect,” and to let myself feel and speak my mind rather than perhaps stifle the present moment. I know that when I feel more in control, I like to think I feel better, even though I’m not letting myself be the real, authentic me. And that’s what we’re all here to learn, right?

What are some of 2014’s biggest lessons that you’ve learned and are taking with you in 2015?

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