This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

2013 has by far been the most action-packed and awakening year for me personally and professionally. I’m extremely thankful for all of the blessings and experiences this year has brought, so much that I think they are worth sharing with the Interverse.

The last couple of nights I’ve been reading my journal entries from December 2012 which were very much focused on whether I was going to afford new living expenses once moving in with my partner at the start of the year. While the concerns were valid, it was just the tip of the iceberg!


I moved out into my sister’s suite the final week of January.


I did a lot of blogging this month for as well, attending the Wellness Show and BC Home & Garden Show and looking for conscious businesses & products to share with readers.


Leo moved in this month. As a Valentine’s Day present he gave me tickets to see Alicia Keys so we went to the concert. At the end of the month I celebrated my birthday weekend by hosting a tea party in my sister’s dining room.


Having learned a lot about myself just in the first few months, I wrote a manifesto when I turned 31.

I also attended the Projecting Change Film Festival, which I had been working on for several months with the 2013 PR Committee. It’s such a great event and needs more support.


I attended my first Social Venture Institute (SVI) event, the SVI Women Conference, and met some amazing businesswomen. I also did the PR campaign for EAT! Vancouver for the 3rd year, meeting some great Food Network personalities including Anna Olson and Chuck Hughes. Thanks to food writer Dan Clapson I also had one of the most amazing seafood dinners in my life courtesy of Yew Restaurant at the Four Seasons.


I began working for MCRCI on a PR campaign, which was challenging but rewarding. I learned so much about what it takes to get an alternate story out there than what the government puts out. Having learned that Leo and I would have the opportunity to purchase our own home this year, I also came to a very emotional decision to keep doing more self-work.


I took a one-week holiday and celebrated a friend’s birthday at Extreme Air Park in Richmond, which was tons of fun and exhausting. Leo and I also began house hunting for a place that had a suite so that we could rent the space out to tenants to help pay for our mortgage. I also got to see Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z perform at Legends of the Summer.


Breaking Bad finished its final series episode; I was sad to say goodbye to it, but it will forever remain one of my favourite series of all time. Leo and I also freeloaded many other TV shows from my sister’s Netflix this year, including Dexter, The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, and Homeland.

Leo gained possession of a brand new house on Main Street.


I got to meet my good friend’s second child, Cayleigh, and learned that my friend is now pregnant with her third. It’s amazing to see my friends growing their families (no, it does not really make me want children of my own yet!)

Leo and I moved into the new place and I sprained my ankle going down a flight of stairs outside. I was unable to walk for two weeks unless on crutches or a cane, and I proceeded to do 5 weeks of physio. Despite the inconvenience, my sprained ankle actually gave me some great perspective about the value of my health and an appreciation for the little things we take for granted. I also celebrated the completion of my sister’s home and my niece’s 3rd birthday.


My calendar for this month is so full that I can’t even make out any specific milestones that happened. I had several housewarmings, and also learned that one of my best friends chose to change genders. I think about this often and how great it is to have a transsexual friend. It adds even more colour to the diversity of my network!


We celebrated the 4th annual Vancouver Short Film Festival (7th event since inception) which was the best one yet. I’m so proud of our little event.

I also made my TV debut on both Shaw TV and CTV. After getting the ok from my client to do the annual West Coast Christmas Show product showcase on CTV, I practiced a lot for the segment and talked a lot with my coach and others about my nervousness. Public speaking is definitely high up on my list of fears along with spiders (which I had practiced picking up and throwing outside). With the help of Leo and Sarah, I practiced my Squap skills, did several run throughs, and successfully completed my first official TV segment; this was definitely one of the highlights of my year, not because I got on TV, but because I was able to challenge a big fear and limitation I placed on myself for most of my life.


I made my second biggest financial decision of the year: Getting laser eye surgery. This is something I’ve wanted to do since hearing about the technology in my early 20’s. Being able to own a home with Leo allowed me to make this investment (which will pay off in 4 years) and I am still amazed that I am able to wake up and not have to put on glasses to see Leo’s face in the morning! It has been a very humbling experience, being able to see without glasses or contacts.

While healing from my surgery, I took some time to analyze my vision board and realized that I always set very high expectations for myself. Goals and visions are good, but I chose to put on my board things that I am currently working on. Some of these are lifelong goals and tasks, but some are temporary. The temporary ones include:

  • Working with interns for the first time at Conscious PR
  • Finishing an heirloom book of my paternal grandfather’s life
  • G Day 2014
  • Finding a new Chair for VSFF
  • Launching a side business with my sister

Once I complete one of these, I will reach into an envelope where I have a lot of other bucket list items and tackle new goals. I like this new approach because I know that I am doing what I can with my time in the present (which is a lot, I have to say!) and that I can do other things in my life when the timing is right. They say that you can have everything you want in life, just not all at once. I am beginning to realize this, as I now have a great partner, a house, and a career, but there are other things I still want or would like to experience. Whether in 2014 or beyond, it will all come in time.

Happy 2014 and here’s to your goals, resolutions, or just being present.

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