Last night I pulled out a shampoo I got in a gift bag from the last Ladies Who Lunch event. I’d refilled my shampoo this past weekend when I ran out, and forgot that I had this one to use.

A few months back I had coffee with a colleague who is very involved in Eco Fashion Week. She was telling me how La Biosthetique just landed in Canada from Paris and how they sponsored all of the products used on the models for this Fall’s show. When I visited the site, I had high hopes for the brand as it appeared high end but also touted its sustainability practices.

This morning I revelled in the great orange scent of the Vital Creme Shampoo Plus but my joy quickly moved to frustration when I looked at the Ingredient list and found the second ingredient after water to be Sodium Laureth Sulfate, a well-known and common carcinogen.

There were no other natural ingredients to be found, and a hefty list of fragrance and parabens to wrap up the list.

I realize it was not La Biosthetique’s fault I was duped, it was my own. There are no organic or cruelty-free certifications on the bottle, nor on the website upon visiting again. They don’t claim to be natural or organic, just as sustainable as possible in terms of electricity use, packaging, and transporting.

Which leads me to question why Eco Fashion Week would take them on as a sponsor. I’m sure their products work, but there seems to be a clear brand misalignment here.

If you would wear eco fashion and are conscious on what you put ON your body, why wouldn’t you pay attention to what you put IN your body, which is much more consequential to your health?

My case is an example of good marketing. It is not necessarily ‘good’ but powerful brands like this can influence how you think, and most importantly, FEEL about them. For me, the good smell of sweet orange turned sour very quickly when I took in the knowledge.

Have you ever been duped by a brand you thought was ethical, or are you a die hard fan of La Biosthetique and are willing to back them?

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