So, after six months of shopping local only (to clarify, not necessarily locally-designed, just bought) I’ve done really well, and am so impressed at how much variety there is in the local Vancouver shopping scene as well as the price points that I’ve been able to score (CRAVE Guide discounts help).

I’m pretty convinced I’ll shop locally forever.

At the beginning of the challenge, I made lingerie an exception, but was able to score at some locally made undies at the Love Made Me Sale a few months ago (thanks Marjolyn!), and I do know of some great locally-owned lingerie boutiques as well, so that shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

As of September 1, 2010, this was on my list:

  • Red clutch
  • Blazers
  • Hooded waterproof raincoat
  • Faux leather jacket
  • Skinny black pant
  • 3/4 length shirts
  • Scarf
  • New wallet
  • Purple toque
  • Silver chandelier earrings

As of April 3, 2011, this is what I have been able to get from the original list:

  • Red clutch from Bohemia Gallery
  • Blazers from my sister and Klosit Clothing
  • Hooded waterproof raincoat from my sister
  • Two skinny jeans from The Queen of Jeans
  • Longsleeve shirts from my sister and The Archetype
  • Scarf from Invito Couture
  • New CNKW wallet from Leo

It really does help to have a sister.

Bonus items that were not on my list:

  • Dress and tank from Lut Boutique

  • Two headbands at Changes
  • Gloves from Klosit Clothing
  • Blouse from The Archetype
  • Cheap Monday denim from Vincent Park
  • Blouse and dress from Klosit Clothing
  • Charcoal denim by Goodsociety at Lut Boutique
  • Undies from Love Made Me sale
  • Long tank from Mi Kemistry
  • Turquoise/purple/silver chandelier earrings from Zoe Boutique
  • Pants from Dream Apparel & Designs
  • Office pants from Forsya at the Nifty for Fifty sale

Items I am still looking for:

  • Spring dress
  • Jeans
  • New workout tank and leggings
  • Scarves: Orange, turquoise, purple & grey

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