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2021 Industry Report: The State of Women in the Future of Food and Animal Alternatives (now 2022 report on “The State of Women in the Future of Food”)

by Darren Cavanagh

AndHumanity’s DEI Glossary

AndHumanity’s Brand Inclusion Self-Assessment Tool

AndHumanity’s blog and videos,

Inclusive: The New Exclusive: How the FOOD SERVICE INDUSTRY Can STOP Leaving MONEY on the Table by Heather Landex
Available in paperback, Kindle, and Audible
ISBN: 978-87-972763-0-3
(Discount code VEGANSPECIAL no longer applies.)

The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need by Sandra Nomoto
(I also have an online course from 2016, Be Your Own PR Star in 90 Days, here.)

“The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Ethical Business in 2022” by Kakadu Creative

Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow an Ethical Business by Katrina Fox



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