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Book one-liners:

  • Vegan Marketing Success Stories is the first book to highlight the marketing tactics of vegan businesses around the world.
  • The vegan industry is on the rise, and Vegan Marketing Success Stories is equal parts inspirational, cautionary tale, and the practical manual you’ll need to succeed today.


Book summary:

The vegan marketing bible you’ve been waiting for.

Billions of dollars are being invested into the vegan and plant-based industries, but who’s going to come out on top? Marketing touches almost every aspect of business: messaging, distribution, customer service, sales, and public perception. How do you know what marketing strategies or tactics work? What media or social media outlets are important, and when? And how much should you budget?

Using case studies and examples from today’s vegan industry leaders, this vegan marketing book will teach you:

  • Marketing secrets of vegan and plant-based businesses around the world
  • How on- and off-line tactics contribute to a cohesive strategy
  • Topical issues that few marketing books are talking about

From reviewing the basics to defining the marketing terms you’ve seen but perhaps haven’t implemented, Vegan Marketing Success Stories covers your bases in marketing vegan businesses—all without requiring a million-dollar marketing budget. Learn what vegan brands did to weather the pandemic, and some that transitioned to become vegan. The vegan industry is on the rise, and Vegan Marketing Success Stories is equal parts inspirational, cautionary tale, and the practical manual you’ll need to succeed today.


The book is published by Sandra Nomoto Enterprises. It is printed on vegan ink and distributed by Lulu.

Editor: Carole Audet
Cover designer: Jomaira Lopes
Interior print & ebook design + index: Sandra Nomoto
Narrator: Mahalia A. Tibbs

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Author Information

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Sandra Nomoto headshot (square)
Sandra Nomoto headshot (landscape)

Photographer credit Tosha Lobsinger. Please do not edit photos.

Sandra Nomoto author biography: While earning her degree in English Literature, Sandra Nomoto published poetry in literary journals and film reviews online. At twenty-five, she founded Conscious Public Relations Inc., an award-winning virtual agency that certified as a B Corporation. After a decade in business, she authored and self-published The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need in 2019. Living vegan since 2018, Nomoto is now a content writer and editor for vegan businesses who also helps vegan and spiritual non-fiction authors. She aspires to eat vegan food around the world and blog about it, and lives in East Vancouver, Canada with her husband.

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Potential interview topics:

  • How I conceived and self-published Vegan Marketing Success Stories, a completely vegan book (ink and all team members involved)
  • What vegan founders, entrepreneurs, and marketers will learn from the book: all the possible marketing tactics mentioned that contribute to a cohesive marketing strategy
  • The individual marketing stories of the contributors in the book, who are in various industries: Non-profit, food & beverage, ecommerce and retail, travel and hospitality, fashion, beauty and personal care products, fitness, nutrition, wellness, personal and professional services, events, influencers, and marketing/creative agencies or services. I can also introduce them to you as potential guests or appear along with them.
  • Running my current business, The Content Doctor, or topics around marketing or content, especially for vegan businesses or influencers
  • The self-publishing process and how I help potential authors complete their books
  • My personal vegan journey (from 2007 to eating fully vegan in 2018)
  • My previous background running a public relations agency from 2008 to 2018 and first book, The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need (info here)
  • My experience in the social impact/sustainable business world, and what these communities aren’t talking about
  • The vegan scene in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Being a woman of colour in business or growing up as a Filipina Canadian


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