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So you want content that SELLS your products, services, or ideas. Don’t we all?

If you’re an influencer, solopreneur, founder, entrepreneur, marketer, or aspiring any-of-the-above, you’re in the right place. BONUS if you’re vegan!

Whether you’re targeting vegans, plant-forward folks, or those who haven’t crossed over to the good side yet, my two books will:

  • Give you LOADS of information on how to execute GOOD public relations within your for or non-profit organization
  • Set you up for great storytelling that won’t get you “cancelled”
  • Deliver ALL the tactics possible to form your own marketing strategy
  • Share how today’s vegan businesses around the world are marketing themselves successfully, even during a pandemic

If you follow any of my content, you’ll discover that I’m not a woman of few words. That’s why I write books…

But if you need to cut the crap out of your content, I can do that too! 😄

“I’d recommend to anyone who is starting out and wants to speed dial themselves to a palpable role in PR!”—⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Amazon review

The Only PR Guide You’ll Ever Need (2019) is a comprehensive, self-guided workbook on how to incorporate good public relations into your business, whether you’re pre-startup or have been running a corporation for decades. It’s a map that blends new communication methods with responsible and earnest counsel, sourced from PR and business experts alike.

The vegan marketing bible you’ve been waiting for.

From reviewing the basics to defining the marketing terms you’ve seen but perhaps haven’t implemented, Vegan Marketing Success Stories covers your bases in marketing vegan businesses—all without requiring a million-dollar marketing budget. Learn what vegan brands did to weather the pandemic, and some that transitioned to become vegan. The vegan industry is on the rise, and Vegan Marketing Success Stories is equal parts inspirational, cautionary tale, and the practical manual you’ll need to succeed today.

What some important people have said about my books:


“In depth, engaging, and immediately applicable, Vegan Marketing Success Stories will be a boon to your business, whether you’re a startup or already making waves.”
Victoria Moran, Chief Compassion Officer, Main Street Vegan Academy


“At a time when vegan businesses and technological advances are creating a multi-billion dollar industry, it’s vital we have reliable resources like Sandra’s book. This is the perfect collection of marketing best practices for entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams and a better world.”
Erik Amundson, Co-Founder, Vevolution

“What a gem! Finally, a book on marketing that tells it like it is. Sandra shares insights and real-world marketing examples that represent the diverse world of vegan businesses. If you’ve ever felt lost trying to navigate the maze of marketing madness, you need Sandra’s book! It will guide you with practical, honest information and help you tap into the resident knowledge of your peers, future colleagues, and trailblazing business leaders so you can plan your next successful marketing campaign. This is the book you’ve been searching for.”
Stephanie Redcross West, Managing Director, Vegan Mainstream

“It’s true: this IS the only PR guide you’ll ever need! It’s so damn thorough, yet simple. Sandra takes the multi-layered work of PR and peels it back to its core: relationships. Then helps readers build those relationships from the inside out. Which, as a marketer, is the cornerstone of great brands. This guide is informative, digestible, wise, and useful. It’s also fun and straight-up honest. Sandra’s not a smoke n’ mirrors kinda businesswoman. She sugarcoats nothing and clearly delivers sound advice and steps to connect, communicate, and build. You won’t have questions when you’re done reading; you’ll have an impossible-to-suppress desire to put all you just learned to work—stat. This guide is incredibly valuable for small businesses. So much so, that Sandra might be putting herself outta work.”
Kim McMullen, Chief Creative Renegade, Flipside Creative

Get ahead of your competition with the world’s first book for vegan business owners and marketers!


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