Some people are born speakers; others are pros with language. I work with business owners and marketers who aren’t great writers, but know exactly the story they need to tell.

I help them with all forms of written communication so they can grow their companies. It’s important—now more than ever—for ethical businesses to not only get in the game, but win. In 2019, the plant-based food retail market in the USA reached $4.5 billion, and there’s no sign of slowing in growth on a global scale.

Whether it’s re-doing the product or service pages on your website, writing a Forbes-worthy biography, or cutting down a purpose statement that’s way too long, I can finesse your written content so that it’s digestible and relatable to your intended audience (which is me!).

After 13 years working in the public relations industry, my mission now is to help ethical businesses grow through effective communications, so that they can prevent and solve our world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.

I believe respect for all life is the key to solving the world’s most pressing challenges. That’s why I help cruelty-free businesses thrive through communications.

Choose from the following packages and contact me with your content needs today, or read below for answers to frequently asked questions.


Note: A minimum three-month time commitment is required for Vitamin C and Power Package below.



  • Creation of one blog monthly
  • Creation of one newsletter issue monthly
  • Fixing social media post errors (on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn)
  • Two hours of editing website copy, ads, or other documents
  • One monthly virtual consulting meeting
  • Free e-book copy of The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need


  • Creation of two blogs monthly
  • Creation of two newsletters monthly
  • Fixing social media post errors (on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn)
  • Two hours of editing website copy, ads, or other documents
  • One monthly virtual consulting meeting
  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • Free e-book copy of The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need 

Varies according to your needs.

  • Individual services in the packages on this page
  • Biographies
  • Whitepapers, ebooks, or other lead magnets
  • E-mail autoresponder series
  • Award or grant applications
  • Package labels
  • Transcription of interviews or talks into social media/blog posts
  • Magazine editing
  • Video or podcast scripts
  • Physical thank-you notes (yes, just like the ones Jimmy Fallon writes)


I’ve been writing for as long as I’ve known how, which is over 35 years. I started my career in public relations (PR) after graduating with a degree in English Literature and Film Studies from the University of British Columbia in 2005. I’ve published poetry in literary journals, and have been writing blogs since 2006, many of which are on this website. My nightly ritual involves journalling and reading daily, which I’ve been doing consistently since 2017.

From 2008-2018, I ran an award-winning virtual public relations agency, Conscious PR, in Vancouver. In 2012, I committed to working only with businesses that had a positive social & environmental impact. I certified the company twice as a B Corp, and was a member of 1% For the Planet and LOCO BC, so I’m all about that Corporate Responsibility & purpose-driven work. Most of my professional career has been spent storytelling for others, and I’ve clocked far more than my 10,000 hoursI also published my first book in 2019, and am a millennial woman of colour, if you’re looking to diversify your suppliers (see below for the lens through which I see the world).

After searching for a job I could do remotely from home in the latter part of 2019, I decided I’d be better off running my own content writing & editing business. With this flexibility, I can work for clients anytime, from anywhere in the world. My passion for film allows me to listen to and understand my clients and write in their brand voice as if they were characters in a story.

My personal journey to eliminating animal products from my diet and living an eco lifestyle has taken me 10 years, and I’m still learning. I’ve been eating vegan since 2018, and am always looking for ways to live even more cruelty-free and zero waste.


If you’re hiring me for a package (above), need an entire website worth of copy, or the equivalent of 10 hours within a month, I’ll put together an agreement before the work starts. Here is a link to my evolving portfolio, so you have an idea of the projects I’ve worked on and what my writing/editing style is like before you choose to hire me.

For smaller projects, I’ll give you an estimate for the work; it’s good to tell me if you’ve got a budget, to ensure I can work within that.

A project brief is much appreciated; while it’s not impossible to start the work without one, if my first draft is way off than what you were originally thinking, there may be more than one or two revision rounds and that’s going to add time and cost. If I’m free to work on your project the day after I agree to work with you and you send over the project brief, you might see a first draft within 48 hours of initial contact.

Once you are happy with the final product, I’ll send my invoice over, and payment is expected within the week.


No, we absolutely don’t need to be in the same city to work together! The beauty of emails and video call technology means we can “meet” virtually. I’ll draft and send all of my work to you to review online. If you live in the Vancouver, BC area, I’m happy to meet in person, especially if it’s necessary for the work, such as touring offices or facilities, doing in-person interviews, and so on.

I live and work on the traditional unceded territories of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish) and səlil̓wətaʔɬ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) First Nations.


I’m looking to work with leaders who KNOW that their businesses are operating ethically, and do not contribute to the harm of people, animals, or the environment. I will not work with companies that participate in unfair labour practices as they relate to wages, work hours, or other working conditions, are discriminatory toward people of a certain race, gender, religious belief or other facet, or whose products contain ingredients known to be harmful to the health of living beings or the environment.

Vegan businesses get a thumbs up in my book! When it comes to plant-based companies, I may still work with those serving eggs, dairy, or honey, but not ones involved in the sale of other types of animal products. Eventually, I want to have a 100% vegan client roster.

Not sure where you are on the impact spectrum? Take the B Impact Assessment for free.


Heck yes! You can check out my evolving portfolio of select projects here. Even if I haven’t done what you’re asking for, I’m always game to try something new. (My short film screenplay remains unfinished…)


Unfortunately, I am already handling social media for 2.5 clients (in addition to my own accounts). Second, I don’t consider myself a social media “expert.” I believe that social media is equivalent to a 24/7 online show, and that YOU should always be speaking to your customers/clients in your own voice. If you’re a solopreneur and have outsourced Instagram/Facebook Stories, IG Reels, or TikTok, it’s pretty obvious that the videos aren’t being done by your company. (Who should be using TikTok? Chefs, bakers, game producers, musicians, artists, health professionals, tutors, teachers, and experiences—any businesses that cater to Gen Z.)

However, I am happy to alert and send you revisions of your written social posts that may contain spelling and grammar mistakes or improperly used hashtags, if you choose one of the packages above.


Here’s the lens through which I see the world: Cis-gender woman of colour; child of immigrant Filipino parents with Spanish (colonizer) blood; middle child; second generation Canadian settler; aunt; wife; vegan; eco-socially-minded solopreneur; aspiring world traveller and spiritual cosmonaut; lover of good food, film, public art and nonfiction over fiction; writer to the core.

I’m an introvert, I like clear communication, and when it comes to working for and communicating with my clients, I like to get to the point. Besides sharing the same values, I like to work with people who I’d have over for dinner, and I suggest you feel the same about me before we work together, especially if it’s on a big project, or for at least a few months. I’m more cool than warm, have an unintentional RBF (look it up), and have been called “mysterious” and quiet for someone who is in communications. Despite my demeanor, I can (and often will) write much more than what my word limit is before I edit down my work, I’m down to earth and realistic, but I also believe in aliens and that the Divine is everything and everywhere (you can dig through my past blogs for all that fun stuff, haha!).

Deal breakers include not paying me on time, and lack of emotional intelligence (it won’t work if you’re known to yell at your staff, partners, or suppliers!).


No. As a woman of colour, I’m committed to working on lifting people of colour and working towards racial equity, and that includes myself. However, I’m open to an exchange of services.

Non-profit organizations may qualify for discounts; please mention that when you contact me.


I’m out of that game, but you can learn all about that process in my book, The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need, or take my 2016 PR course.


“I came across a post from Sandra offering her services, and so I reached out to her to see if we would be the right fit for one another. Let me tell you, it ended up being more than just the right fit! I am passionate about what I do, but I have never been good at putting it into words. All it took with Sandra was a quick Zoom call, and she pulled all of the information she needed out of me to create a wonderful piece that couldn’t have been more perfect. I have already used it several times on different platforms to connect with my customers and feel that it’s resonated on all of them. Thanks so much for helping me put my thoughts onto paper, Sandra! Can’t wait for our future work together. :)”
Venessa Stonehouse, Feed Me Fit

“Sandra writes great copy! I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.”
Adam Hawk, Savory Smoothie

“Definitely, a competent and soulful writer. Sandra Nomoto pays incredible, efficient, attention to detail. We love working with her at Grow Tech Labs.”
Barinder Rasode, Grow Tech Labs and Havn Life

“I regularly subcontract Sandra for my Marketing Agency as a Copywriter on our client projects. It is extremely important for us to rely on experts who can not only provide the service they are subcontracted for, but also provide exemplary professionalism and the highest quality of work. Sandra provides this and makes it easy for us at the same time. She’s self-regulating, does what she says she will, and promptly and professionally provides work that is professional, accurate and makes our clients very happy. Copywriting can be a very subjective and difficult service to provide as many clients don’t know what to expect or don’t like the ‘style’–Sandra knows both what is needed in her work as well as what is needed for positive and effective client relationships. I highly recommend Sandra for any written support you may need.”
Kaare Long, a Cue Creative Marketing and Consulting Inc.

“I worked with Sandra at the end of 2019 when I started working on my webpage. She is a wizard at what she does, taking our conversation and translating it into web content. Sandra is responsive, quick and amazing at what she does. I would highly recommend Sandra, the Content Doctor, to anyone else looking for someone to help them with webpages. If you don’t know where to start, are starting, have writer’s block, just don’t have time, or need a revamp, Sandra is your girl. She was there for me at all those stages and she can be there for you too!”
Jamie Seah, Lokahi Consulting Ltd.

“You are amazing! I am so thrilled with all the copy you did for me and the amazing creative work you did so fast and with amazing suggestions and edits.💕Super impressed with you – I would recommend you to everyone – you are an amazing, intuitive, fast, meticulous, and beautiful copywriter! Pleasure working with you.”
Yuko Turnbull, Spiritual Hair Professional, Personal Coach, and Natural Product Creator

“Sandra did copywriting for my new business website. She was very responsive to my needs and provided awesome results. In addition, she was friendly and proactive to work with. It’s a pleasure to work with someone who takes an active interest in what your business does, who your audience is, and is capable of translating that information into eye-grabbing words. Thank you Sandra!”
Yun Jae Lee, The Ideashaper

“I hired Sandra to write researched blogs for our company to save my partner and I time. I’d read her writing online and it was succinct, easy to read, and grammatically perfect. My partner and I love her work; she takes our notes and fills the rest in with substance, keeping within our expectations and helping us out with keywords and internal links. She goes the extra mile by  publishing the posts on our site, sourcing photos, and making sure they look consistent with the rest of our content. Thank you, Sandra!”
Casey Miller, Six and a Half Consulting

“Sandra is fabulous…she helped me get the words out so I can use my knowledge as a platform to help educate others. She speaks my language and I’m thrilled to have found her after several attempts with other writers. She easy to work with and communicates well. I will use her again for sure.”
Shauna Magrath, Beauty Ink Gallery


6 1/2 Consulting


We don’t need stories we’ve already heard before, and we don’t need to make up stories to inspire and move people.

If you’ve had a life experience that could impact people profoundly but it’s so unbelievable, you can’t even fathom writing or publishing a book about it but YOU KNOW in your heart and soul that you must, I want to work with you.

Starting in 2020, I’m excited to use the same storytelling skills I used in public relations for over 13 years to assist first-time authors in publishing their memoirs.

I’m looking for (aspiring) authors who:

  • Have a compelling story that can be told in more than 100 pages.
  • Have had a spiritual experience that profoundly changed your life and could be called a miracle.
  • Once had a health condition that you alleviated through a vegan diet or non-medical means, and could be called a miracle.
  • Are vegan and have a new take on the benefits of the lifestyle.
  • Believe their purpose is to inspire and impact the everyday person with their story.
  • Would be shelved in the Mind-Body-Spirit section (or for vegan authors, the relevant category) of a bookstore.
  • Can continue to tell their story even after the book’s published, in podcast and TV interviews.

In essence, if your story’s in the spiritual, health, self-help, metaphysical, or vegan realm or a cross-section of those topics, let’s work together!

Memoirs and other nonfiction books are incredible records of personal history, experience, and/or expertise. Books can increase your personal brand and credibility as a thought leader, positively influence people in a way you can’t do on your own, and open the door to offers with high-end publishers or opportunities to turn your book into a screenplay for film.

I have nothing against fiction—I just have less interest and experience in it since I spent most of my career writing for companies.

Please visit the sections below for more information on my services and process, and contact me if you’re ready to begin!


Upon signing of an agreement, you’ll email your unformatted manuscript in Word (.docx) format.

I typically do proofreading and copyediting simultaneously.

Proofreading is reading a text and scrutinizing all of its components to find errors and mark them for correction before publication.

Copyediting, also called line editing or manuscript editing, requires attention to every word and mark of punctuation in a manuscript, a thorough knowledge of the style to be followed, and the ability to make quick, logical, and defensible decisions. Copyeditors will query authors on inconsistencies, facts to check, quoted material, foreign words and phrases, table of contents, and chapter/part titles.

Copyediting is done by a publishing company or by a freelance editor like myself, when a manuscript is accepted for publication. Self-publishing authors can benefit from the services of a professional editor.

If you need to review and approve each change, I will load the document as a Google Doc and use the suggestions feature. Be aware that doing this will add time to your project.

I do not make manual marks on hard copies. This is how proofreading was done before the electronic age; I also consider this wasteful and unnecessary.

I may make structural/developmental suggestions, but will not make major revisions to sections, chapters, or parts of your book without your consent.

We will go through two to three rounds of revisions before the manuscript’s finalized.

You can then pitch your manuscript to publishers or agents, or self-publish.


Upon signing of an agreement, we will arrange a consistent schedule of 30 or 60-minute weekly audio or video calls that will be recorded on Zoom.

Using the call recordings, I will begin writing your book and the call schedule will resume until you have finished telling your story.

Once I’ve written the book, I will load the document as a Google Doc and you will use the comments feature to make suggestions for changes.

Alternatively, I can deliver the draft to you in Word (.docx) format, and you will communicate your desired changes either via email or phone.

I do not make manual marks on hard copies, as it’s wasteful and unnecessary.

We will go through two to three rounds of revisions before the manuscript’s finalized.

You can then pitch your manuscript to publishers or agents, or self-publish.


Upon signing of an agreement, you’ll email me your unformatted manuscript in Word (.docx) format including your copyright page, and we’ll have a discussion about what you might want the book to look like in terms of size and interior.

Print formatting: I will begin formatting your book and send you drafts in PDF format. Prior to or during interior formatting, you’ll want to have your cover designed so the interior’s consistent with the look of the cover. We’ll continue to make changes until you’re satisfied with the document and you’ve submitted it to your publishing service without issues.

E-book formatting: If I’m formatting for e-readers, I will send your draft via .ePUB format which you’ll be able to open in Kindle, iBooks or similar readers. Prior to or during interior formatting, you’ll want to have your front cover designed. We’ll continue to make changes until you’re satisfied with the document and you’ve submitted it to your publishing service without issues.

See more info in the FAQ section below.


Why should I hire you?

I live and breathe writing and editing. I learned to read and write at three years old, have written (and published) poetry, short stories, blogs, and articles from elementary school through to university, and most of my professional career was in the Communications industry.

I compiled and co-wrote an heirloom biography of my grandfather in 2014, and self-published my first business book in 2019.

The biggest errors I see self-publishing authors make (myself included) are errors in spelling and grammar (especially if English is not your first language) and/or formatting (i.e. page numbers should be at the bottom of the page, not in the middle!). These can be resolved by hiring an editor or someone with experience in formatting for books.

In 2020 I completed courses on Book Editing (IAP College), Proofreading and Copyediting with The Chicago Manual of Style (the industry standard for style; by the Editorial Freelancers Association), and two online courses on professional formatting for books and e-books.

I’ve edited and formatted a few books, which I’ll share on this page once they’ve been published. The pandemic was good for me!

What do you charge?

I charge by the hour. The project rate will depend on the following:

  • The service(s) you’re hiring me for;
  • Whether or not you need to approve all changes;
  • Whether or not you need assistance with interior formatting.

If you provide a sample chapter, I’ll have an idea of how much editing work may be required.

When we sign an agreement, you can pay month to month, or half the estimate of the project at the start, and the remaining fee upon delivery of the final manuscript.

Why should I hire a copyeditor or proofreader?

If spelling or grammar isn’t your strong suit, English is not your first language, and/or no one’s read your manuscript, you will want to hire someone like me to spot (and fix) any glaring errors that might prevent you from getting selected by a literary agent or publisher.

For self-publishing authors, this is even more helpful as you don’t want these types of errors spotted by readers and included in their online review of your book.

Why should I hire a ghostwriter?

If writing isn’t your strong suit or you simply can’t find time to sit down at your computer to type out your story, hiring a ghostwriter (also called a scribe) can be a great option. Many people are better speakers than writers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a story within them. (Bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk’s a great example.)

We’ll structure the work in a series of weekly audio or video calls, so you can “tell” your story and turn it into a manuscript. In my opinion, fine-tuning your words into written content is the same process as editing content written my corporate clients.

If you’re hired by a publisher without delivering a manuscript, they will most likely recommend you hire a ghostwriter to co-author the book with you.

Why should I hire someone to do interior formatting for me if I’m self-publishing?

If you’re not a Microsoft Word nerd, don’t know code (html), or don’t care for learning new software, please consider a professional to do this for you, whether for your eBook (Kindle), printed book, or both. Trust me—I learned this the hard way when a family member asked me to change page, margin, and font sizes, font types, pagination, and headers/footers etc. for a multi-volume series, and I made MANY unnecessary formatting adjustments EVERY TIME there was a small change that affected the number of pages in the book!

Working with someone who knows how to make your book look professional in both book and digital form can increase your credibility as an author, even if your writing’s already stellar.

For print, you should know the book specifications (measurements) you want once proofreading and editing’s complete. If you aren’t sure what your specs are, you should at least need to know the publishing service you’re going to use; they will likely provide options for you. Some services have templates I can try to work with if you want to use them, but it’s not necessary.

If you’re working with a book coach or agency, they will also know your ideal book specs.

I do not do cover design, but can give a lot of pro book tips to your designer, recommend the right look and feel, and ensure consistency with the rest of your manuscript.

How long will it take for you to complete the work?

This will depend on how long your original document is, the quality of your writing, and how long it takes for you to approve the revisions.

If I can take you on as a client, I will commit a minimum of six hours per week to the project. If you want the project completed faster, please let me know prior to signing the agreement; additional fees may apply.

Do I need a literary agent?

No. A literary agent helps to you pitch your manuscript to top publishing companies, which provides the entire suite of publishing services to authors.

Literary agents are common for authors expected to sell a lot of books.

If we work together, I’m happy to send you a list of literary agents who may select your manuscript.

What if I want to pitch my manuscript to a specific publisher?

You’re welcome to pitch your manuscript to publishers whether or not you have an agent.

Hiring a good proofreader and copyeditor can prepare your manuscript for pitching to a publisher who will see your writing ability and can provide the full suite of publishing services to you, if selected.

If we work together, I’m happy to send you a list of publishers who may select your manuscript.

Will you consult me on self-publishing my book?

I do not provide any additional services other than what’s above. I recommend hiring The Self-Publishing Agency (who helped me when I was marketing my book!), or you are welcome to search for book publishing agencies or coaches in your area who can advise you through the process, whether or not we work together.

Will you help me promote my book?

By nature, I love to talk about my clients on my social media profiles and website, but I do not offer book publicity services. It will be up to you to market your book once it’s published, and I can recommend a local publicist or agency who can help you with that, depending on where you live.

Because of my past public relations experience, I can also provide them with interesting and newsworthy angles they can use to help promote you and your book.

What’s it like self-publishing on Amazon?

There are pros and cons! Please contact me to book a 15-minute conversation about my experience with self-publishing on Amazon. You can also DM me on social media.

If you have a cruelty-free product or service you’d like me to test and review on my blog and/or post on my social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn), please contact me. Rates vary between blog vs. social only posts.

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