How passion, authenticity, purpose, and ethics drive this vegan publicist to educate and inspire the public

Mad PromotionsKarin Ridgers and I haven’t met, but we’re both members of Vegan Business Tribe and were in Los Angeles at the Vegan Women Summit. She’s the one VBT member I didn’t get to meet!

There are a handful of vegan publicists in the world, but Karin’s one of the OGs in the UK, where veganism originated. Let’s learn all about her!


When and how did you go vegan?

I went vegan 30 years ago. My journey into veganism began with a deep love and respect for animals. The more I learned about the cruelty and exploitation involved in the animal “food” industry, the more I felt compelled to make a change.

I went vegetarian for a few years and then transitioned to vegan. Over the past 30 years, I’ve also come to appreciate the health benefits and the positive environmental impact of veganism. My decision was driven by compassion, and it’s been one of the most rewarding choices of my life.


How did you get into marketing, and what kind of marketing do you do now?

My entry into marketing was a natural extension of my desire to promote veganism. I founded VeggieVision TV to create a platform where I could share vegan content and inspire others to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. This endeavor gave me valuable insights into the power of media and public relations.

Today, with MAD Promotions, I specialize in vegan PR, with a strong emphasis on editorial relations. My work involves crafting compelling stories, securing media coverage, and building relationships with journalists and influencers to elevate vegan brands.


What kind of work fires you up right now?

Right now, I am most excited about projects that have a strong ethical foundation and a potential for significant impact. Working with startups and established brands that are genuinely committed to making a difference through innovative vegan products and services is incredibly rewarding.

I am passionate about creating and executing PR campaigns that not only promote these brands but also educate and inspire the public about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

And VeggieVision TV is super exciting—we now have a platform where vegan brands are guaranteed coverage!!


Share your best marketing win, and one marketing horror story.

Best Marketing Win: One of my most memorable successes was a campaign for a vegan skincare brand. We managed to secure features in top-tier beauty magazines and influential blogs, which significantly boosted the brand’s visibility and credibility. The campaign included a mix of press releases, product reviews, and influencer partnerships.

The brand saw a remarkable awareness. Seeing the direct impact of our efforts on the brand’s growth was immensely satisfying.

Marketing Horror Story: There really aren’t any! However, I will say I trust my instincts more now as I have learnt the hard way that some people (non vegan!) are not all they claim to be…


Who or what vegan company do you think is crushing it in marketing right now?

I believe VBites, owned by the inspirational Heather Mills, is doing an outstanding job in marketing. Their approach is innovative and inclusive, effectively reaching both vegan and non-vegan audiences. VBites has managed to position their products as not just a vegan alternative, however as a desirable and delicious option for everyone.

Their branding and engaging social media presence have made them a leader in the plant-based industry and I am super excited to be working with the team now so we gain even more awareness for personally my favourite meat alternative!


What advice would you give to someone looking to start a career in vegan marketing?

My advice would be to immerse yourself in the vegan community and stay informed about industry trends. Build a network of contacts, including journalists, influencers, and fellow marketers. Be authentic and passionate about your work, as this will resonate with your audience. Continuously develop your skills, especially in areas like digital marketing and content creation.

Remember, the vegan movement is driven by a sense of purpose and ethics, so always align your marketing strategies with these core values… and why not give me a call? Maybe we can work together!


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