Review of the best videos by vegan companies in 2024’s second quarter

Did you check out my roundup of the best videos by vegan businesses in Q1 2024?

Regardless, let’s launch right into the best videos from April to June this year.


“Bit Weird” by Flora

So many things I love about this ad by Flora. The sensory appeal, the cellist, the (not real) cow, the British narrator, and the (newly-minted) tagline: Skip the cow. This ad shows how much you can do in 30 seconds.


“NotTurtle” by NotCo

This one’s a little on the long side, but it’s necessary. Did you know that it’s normal for people around the world eat turtles? Preposterous! NotCo shows off how it created an alternative to turtle soup, without the cruelty.


“Dissection? As If!” by PETA

PETA always produces great stuff, but I think they should do more collabs like this. Everything 90s is in right now, so this campaign with Alicia Silverstone (mother and star of 1995 Clueless)’s perfect timing.


“We can have our meat and eat it, too” by Impossible Foods

I haven’t been a fan of Impossible Foods‘ ads in recent years, but this one’s a 101 in ad creation. I like that it plays on Americans’ love of meat, shows the (newly rebranded) product package, and the main character’s even wearing this 60s/70s style dad shirt that throws back to the era when we started to see meat, egg, and dairy commercials in the mainstream.


“The Crunchy Peanut Dance!” by Mid-Day Squares

I think music video commercials are coming back in a big way. I don’t know how the Mid-Day Squares co-founders have time to write original songs to celebrate their new flavour and then create a music video for them (hiring a songwriter might be in the marketing budget), but I’m here for it. Super Carpenters vibes on this one.


“Change the Board Game” by e.l.f. Cosmetics

This video was SO close to being the Q2 winner and is part of an entire “So Many Dicks” campaign to highlight the fact that there are more men called Richard, Rich, or Dick than entire groups of underrepresented people on corporate boards. e.l.f. Cosmetics has really been stepping up their ad AND collaboration game with the two videos I featured in Q1 and I can’t wait to see what they continue to do.


VFC x Christy Coysh song collab

If you’re gonna do a collab, doing one with a comedian’s a good idea…and if that comedian does original songs, you might have a winner. I love everything about VFC‘s collab with Christy Coysh—it’s funny, smart, and nostalgic and I dig the synth.


“Seymour Loudermilk” (Long Commercial) by Eat Differently

So if I hadn’t travelled to Los Angeles and Seattle recently, I’d say this lawyer-style ad campaign was old, but lawyers and law firms are seriously the only companies buying billboards today. So this ad that’s part of Eat Differently‘s entire “Seymour Loudermilk” campaign that targets omnivores who hate vegans and want to do something about it’s pretty timely.


“THIS™ Is The One” by THIS

Aaaand here’s music video #3 by THIS that featured John Barnes, Gareth Southgate, Jess Watkins, Will Bower and Joan the MVP to produce the ultimate summer BBQ banger for the Euros.


“The Deep x Liquid Death – The Dangers of Sugar” by Liquid Death

So I completely missed Liquid Death‘s first collab PSA with The Boys’ The Deep (a parody of Aquaman), and this one that educates children on the dangers of sugar‘s even better. (Sidenote: My hubs and I tried Liquid Death for the first time in Seattle last week and we’re big fans…not just because of the marketing.)


My pick for best video of Q2 2024: “The Climb” by VOOM Nutrition

So if you don’t know what free climbing is (rock climbing in which the climber uses climbing equipment for protection, but not as an aid to help in ascending) or haven’t seen the Oscar-winning documentary Free Solo, you won’t understand this commercial.

But if you have, you’ll know that this ad—starring British climber and boulder medallist Louis Parkinson—is totally on point with that sport, its effects, and for dark humour. VOOM Nutrition has done collabs with athletes in the past, and that tactic’s perfect for its product. This gorgeously shot ad had me applauding and watching multiple times.


Have I missed any vegan ads worth mentioning in Q2? HMU!

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