Meet this self-taught Gen Z social media-loving vegan marketer

Georgia Macaulay and I are both members of Vegan Business Tribe. Soon as I started following Soulshine Digital‘s content on social media, I was hooked! She can create Instagram carousels like nobody’s business. I don’t call myself a social media expert, and that’s why I follow folks like her to stay up to date on all the dig marketing trends.

Let’s learn all about Georgia!


When and how did you go vegan?

In 2015, when I was 15/16 years old. I’d been pescetarian since age 9 and did it for the animals. I tuned in quite easily to how wrong it was to exploit animals and made the decision to go vegan.


How did you get into marketing, and what kind of marketing you do now?

I’m self taught. Being in Gen Z, I’ve grown up with social media so have naturally been able to utilize it for businesses. I’m always learning through trial and error. Social media is my main form of marketing that I love!


What kind of work fires you up right now?

Being able to be creative and using fun ideas I’m able to get completely stuck in!


Share your best marketing win, and one marketing horror story.

One of my proudest moments was helping a client go from not selling her program at all to getting fully booked AND having a waiting list.

Luckily, I’ve not had any horror stories…for now!


Who or what vegan company do you think is crushing in marketing right now?

VFC! Their marketing is so fun and sassy and they’re such a joy to follow. (I agree! It’s why I put them in my book.)


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