The best set of vegan fiction books I’ve ever read (thus far)

Happy World Vegan Month! I love that the timing worked out for me to share M. C Ronen‘s The Liberation Trilogy with you this month, because it’s a really special set of books I wasn’t even planning on reviewing. When I met the author, we were both in the VIVAS vegan women’s networking group (now a part of Vegan Business Tribe), and she had already published her series (2018 to 2021).

I bought the Kindle for her first book, The Shed, but Ronen kindly gifted me with hard copies of the entire trilogy.

What I appreciated about these books was that they weren’t just by a vegan author; the philosophy that drives vegans is at the core of the book, with barely to no mention of the v word. This is what I expect of a fiction book by an author who proudly declares they’re vegan.

Ronen is a literary master without using complicated language that would be above a teenager’s reading level. I’d gladly lend my copies to a 16-year-old, maybe even a 14-year-old if they’re mature (the book is for mature young adults). What makes this trilogy so strong is the overarching metaphor and what the characters represent in today’s world.

From the book summary: Sunny is a girl living in a community on a farm in a seemingly apocalyptic world. The farm is electrically fenced and has strict rules that are firmly observed, and especially the rule that girls like Sunny must not enter the shed, an imposing building inside the farm. Only grown women are allowed in, but even then, some who go in never come back. One night, the farm is raided by strangers, and some farm folk are taken. This odd incident propels a series of ominous developments in Sunny’s life. The story develops in an unexpected way, as Sunny escapes the grim destiny to which she was born.

Within reading the first 40 pages, I thought to myself, this needs to get made into a movie or TV series. Call the showrunner for The Handmaid’s Tale! I don’t think I’ve ever thought that about a book before, but when you read about a fictional world that you haven’t seen before and that shakes you to the core, you want to see it on screen (why I majored in both English Lit and Film Studies; there’s a strong tie between words and images!).

The Shed is a serious page turner. I’m pretty sure I finished it within a week. Like I said, when you write in uncomplicated but masterful language like Ronen does, it’s just damn effective and you want to tell everyone to read the book.

I’m not even going to tell you about Liberation or It Was In Our Hands (books 2 and 3) because it would give too much away. But I can tell you that the big metaphor continues on, and there is closure in the story.

Check out the book trailer released earlier this year:

I love the music in this.

If you don’t care for books about veganism and/or you love fiction, PLEASE pick up this trilogy. You won’t regret it—I promise.

And if you work in film or TV (major productions), contact M.C Ronen!

She recently published DEAR TUI: A Warning which is climate fiction and is also so good, especially if you care about the environment. 100% recommend!


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