From solo-backpacking freelancer to marketing consultant

I haven’t known Kira Pearson for long, but we’re both members of Vegan Business Tribe (ask me how to join that!) and live in Canada. She recently launched her new website and program, which is how we connected for this series. Let’s learn about Kira!


When and how did you go vegan?

I went vegetarian in 2017 after watching Forks Over Knives and vegan in 2021. It was a slow transition, but after learning more about the egg and dairy industry in 2021, I just couldn’t consume it anymore.


How did you get into marketing, and what kind of marketing you do now?

I have been in marketing since 2017. I was working for various organizations during my time in university and after graduating, was offered a full-time position but decided to do a solo-backpacking trip around the world instead, where I did more freelance marketing. I also have worked a couple of years running Facebook and Instagram ads for female online entrepreneurs.

Now, I’m running my own marketing consulting business where I help vegan entrepreneurs get fully booked with their dream clients, primarily through partnership marketing.


What kind of work fires you up right now?

Helping vegan businesses is my passion! (Same here!)


Share your best marketing win, and one marketing horror story.

Best marketing win was getting one of my clients $240,000 in profit on one of her bi-yearly launches, which way exceeded the KPIs we had set out previously.

Marketing horror story: I can’t think of anything specific but I remember back when I was working at a marketing agency one of our main clients was Monsanto and I didn’t realize that when I got hired. I just remember praying that I wouldn’t have to work on their stuff (and I didn’t!). For those that don’t know Monsanto, they are one of North America’s main crop/food providers and are known for having a horrible environmental practices, using dangerous pesticides, and not getting along with local farmers. Also, sustainability is a huge reason I became vegan so this would’ve been horrible for me to help market!


Who or what vegan company do you think is crushing in marketing right now?

Vedge Nutrition is killing it! I swear every time I am scrolling on IG, there is another vegan influencer promoting it. Just goes to show you how powerful collaborations are, which is the bread and butter of my marketing program! 🙂


Tell us more thoroughly what you do for people in your business.

I help new(ish) vegan entrepreneurs and brands who are struggling to grow their brand online expand their online reach through strategic partnership marketing. It’s an 8-week program and by the end of the 8 weeks they will:

1. Understand their clients’ problems and desired outcomes like never before, with some simple market research.

2. Craft irresistible marketing messages that will have their ideal clients chasing THEM down.

3. Ensure their website is set up to take in leads and sales automatically (with a high-quality lead magnet, easy booking conversion, and integrated CRM system).

4. Be able to identify and confidently reach out to complementary partnerships for collaborations. This is where your business will take off!


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