Enjoy the Veganuary Vegavenger Hunt

(It’s an online vegan scavenger hunt!)

January is the best month to learn about new vegan businesses. Veganuary is a time when many people try eating vegan for a month, but remember, veganism is far more than a diet—it’s a lifestyle. The Vegavenger Hunt organized by the Vegan Life Shop seeks to draw attention to veganism beyond food.

There are so many other cool businesses participating, like Ranchos Vegano Bed and Breakfast in Tucson, Arizona! Yes please!

If you’re new here, I’ve been vegan for almost five years because I care about animals, health, and the environment. I’ve cared about the environment and saving the planet since I was a child, and I’m glad you do too.

Since 2020, I’ve operated as The Content Doctor. I’m a content writer, editor, and marketing consultant and I offer a number of services to authors, including vegan authors. I also co-host Canada’s only vegan networking Group, VEG Networking Canada.

For the 2023 Vegavenger Hunt, I’m happy to offer a free ebook copy (PDF or EPUB) of my recently published book, Vegan Marketing Success Stories, the world’s first vegan marketing book.

It ranked in the Top 50 Kindle books for the Business > Skills > Communications category on Amazon Canada the week the ebook launched, and has been endorsed by some cool people. To find out who, click the image on the left, or the title above!

Not only have I been an environmental advocate, but I’ve always tried to work with clients that share my values of social impact. In 2022, I committed to working ONLY with vegan businesses.

Your magic number is 47, for the number of contributors there are to my book, so you’ll need that number if you want to enter the Vegavenger Hunt!

To enter, be sure to visit all the participating groups listed at VeganLife Shop, and add up all those numbers. Then email the total on the webpage before noon (12pm) ET on Tuesday, January 31, and you’ll be entered to win.

Good luck, vegavengers!

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