How K.I. Health & Fitness plays the long game in marketing

Since becoming vegan, I’ve been following BC-based fitness and nutrition coach (self-proclaimed “Head Fitness Nut”) Karina Inkster. I’m continually curious about how professionals like her market themselves, so I was grateful that she was willing to share her marketing strategy.


SEO techniques that drive traffic and create backlinks to a website

In my book, Karina explain how SEO (search engine optimization) drives her business goals:

In my business, we play the long game. We don’t use traditional marketing campaigns with a beginning and an end, and we rarely spend money on advertising of any kind. SEO is the name of the game for us: consistently putting out great content our audience wants to read, and showing up as the first Google search result when folks are actively looking for the services we offer. Our website is consistently the top result for search terms like “vegan personal trainer”, “vegan fitness coach”, etc. This way, all our leads are ready to purchase. No shady sales tactics required!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have my credit card in hand while scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. Capturing ready-to-purchase leads doesn’t happen on social media. Things that help our SEO rankings: blog articles, regular podcast episodes with show notes on our website, and writing for well-known websites. I have link-backs from CNBC, Livestrong, alive Magazine, etc.

In the public relations chapter, I introduced Karina by talking about how she operates her business like a media empire. She writes blog articles on her site, writes for well-known websites, and hosts a podcast named No-Bullsh!t Vegan!.

Acting as a media outlet, writing blogs on her site and others, and supplementing her podcast with show notes all provide her with the traffic she wants from search engines.

In the book I also share how K.I. Health & Fitness pivoted during the pandemic to connect with other professionals in the fitness industry and provide valuable content to their audience.


The Vegan Marketing Success Stories ebook is now available to purchase on and other sites here. The paperback and audio book launch November 1 on Lulu’s bookstore and Audible.

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