How Rich Roll turned his personal story into an empire through marketing

Although ultra-endurance athlete, podcaster, and author Rich Roll is not an official contributor, I talked about him briefly in my book because he is a great example of a personal brand that acts as a media empire. I briefly highlight Rich’s activities in the public relations section of my book.

Rich Roll launched his fourth book titled Voicing Change in 2021, which reviews the stories of some inspirational guests who have appeared on The Rich Roll Podcast. At US$50, this is not your average bedside table paperback, but a large, heavy, glossy-page, full-coloured, and signed hardcover book. I received a signed copy as a gift in 2021 and noted the branded cardboard box and yellow ribbon that accompanied the book. I thought to myself, now that’s how to make a statement with a book! It’s also a great example of how you can repurpose your podcast content.

He didn’t do all of this overnight, of course. While I’m not sure exactly what came first, I’m sure that Rich began his digital presence through social media as he wrote his first few books. People always tend to turn heads when you say you’re vegan or eat plant-based and are an ultra-endurance athlete, and that certainly gave Rich something to talk about. He started his podcast long before audio and video podcasting were considered cool, and Voicing Change (and its second volume, out now) is a great way to immortalize some of his more significant interviews in print form. It’s a great coffee table book.

Not only are his podcasts now recorded on video for YouTube, but his team does a great job of sharing powerful short clips from Rich and his guests (vertically) on social media and taking professional photos of guests who subsequently appear in the book.

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