How a Registered Holistic Nutritionist became a women’s health and wellness influencer

I’m excited to share my first contributor highlight blog post. Vegan Marketing Success Stories has case studies of 47 contributors and about 3 dozen other examples of vegan companies and their marketing. Jordan Bruce of Jordan Bruce Wellness is one of them!


Using Instagram, especially video

Jordan wrote: “I documented my career change to holistic nutrition on my Instagram account (@jordanbruce.wellness). At that time, I was sharing vegan meals and nature shots on my hikes. When I graduated two years later, I was fully booked. I was shocked! Slowly, that shifted though and I needed more new 1:1 clients—when you help people feel better they no longer need you! I shine on video so I continued sharing my work life, nutrition knowledge as well as my personal life. This led to slow authentic growth and trust from my followers that later became clients. The majority of my clients to this day are from social media. Do I like that? No! I wish I didn’t reply on an app.”

I first met Jordan at a market-style event at Heritage Hall on Main Street. I remember her being one of the more friendly and articulate vendors there, and I began following her on Instagram. We also shared a table at the Intengine Sustainability Leadership Congress I volunteered at in 2019 and were one of the few vegans there that were waiting for our meals…haha! I still remember her asking/commenting to a panel of people in food farming about the importance of eating plant-based, as that wasn’t talked about at all.

I’ve learned a lot from Jordan about carrier oils and how a stool test is the best kind of test for what is going on in your gut. She’s also one of the members of VEG Networking Canada, which I co-host with Justin Manning (also a contributor in the book).

Reviews, events, and blog posts

Client reviews are also a big part of how Jordan markets herself: “I have great reviews from past clients so I plan on offering a referral bonus as an incentive. I should mention I also attended a lot of in-person industry events as well as local company collaborations.”

I’ve done some copywriting for Botanica Health, one of the brands that Jordan’s collaborated with.

The Liver: Why You Should Support This Organ,” is still one of her most popular blog posts, four years later.

There isn’t one article, post or podcast feature that has contributed to her marketing success. She continued: “It was a culmination over the years of time, effort and authenticity. My 5/5 Google reviews definitely help!”

Below is an example, which is also in the book.

To learn more about Jordan Bruce and her company, visit

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