A brief list of vegan & plant-based events around the world

The idea for this blog came from a request for a list of global vegan events. This is NOT a comprehensive list and I cannot guarantee that each event is completely vegan (many events are plant-focused but not necessarily vegan) but I’ve done my best to curate a calendar of events in major cities. This list does not include virtual events. Please contact me if you’d like your event added to this list.



Plant-Based Trends & Innovations – London, UK
Innovations in Plant-Based Food & Beverage Summit – Berlin, Germany



Vegan Street Fair – Los Angeles, California
Just V Show – Glasgow, Scotland
VeganFest – Brno, Czech Republic



Planted Expo – Toronto, Ontario
PlantForward Conference – various locations, Canada
Vegapalooza – Montreal, QC
Vegan Women Summit – Los Angeles, California
Wilmington VegFest – Wilmington, North Carolina
Vegan and Animal Rights Conference – Manchester, UK
Irish Vegan Festival – Belfast, Ireland
Plant FWD – Amsterdam, Netherlands



Vegan Dairy Fair – Boulder, Colorado
Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit Americas – Chicago, Illinois
Plantopia – Chicago, Illinois
Vegandale – Miami, Florida
Plant-Based Prevention of Disease Conference – Ypsilanti/Detroit, Michigan
MiVeg – Milano, Italy
The Plant Powered Show – Cape Town, South Africa
Big Vegan Market – Carlton, Australia



Planted Expo – Vancouver, British Columbia
Kitchener Waterloo VegFest – Waterloo, Ontario
Vegandale – Chicago, Illinois
Planet Bethesda – Bethesda, Maryland
Plant-Based Prevention of Disease Conference – Raleigh, North Carolina
Vegan Life Live – London, UK
Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit Europe – The Netherlands
Tel Aviv Vegan Festival – Tel Aviv, Israel

Photo: Facebook.com/PlantedLife


Toronto Black Vegan Festival – Toronto, Ontario
Vegan 2 the Soul Food & Lifestyle Festival – New Orleans, Louisiana
Just V Show – London, UK
Vegan Campout – Stanford Hall, Leicestershire, UK
Vegan India Conference – Mumbai, India
Vegan Gourmet Festival – Tokyo, Japan



Vegandale – Toronto, Ontario
VegFest Colorado – Denver, CO
Vegan SoulFest – Baltimore, Maryland
Black VegFest – Brooklyn, New York
International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine – Washington, DC
Vegan Summer Festival – Berlin, Germany



Veg Food Fest – Toronto, Ontario
International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference – Palm Desert, California
Long Beach Vegan Festival – Long Beach, California
Sonoma County VegFest – Santa Rosa, California
SLC VegFest – Salt Lake City, UT
VegFest Arkansas – Little Rock, Arkansas
Richmond Veg Fest – Richmond, Virginia
Soul Vegan Block Party – Richmond, Virginia
Twin Cities Veg Fest – St. Paul, Minnesota
Triangle VegFest – Durham, North Carolina
Vegandale – New York, New York
Plant Based World Expo – North America
European Vegan Summit – Europe
Funky Vegan Festival – Amsterdam, Netherlands
VeggieWorld – Houten, Netherlands
VeggieWorld – Frankfurt, Germany
ProVeg New Food Conference – Berlin, Germany
The Vegan Games – Almardá, Spain



Montreal Vegan Festival – Montreal, Quebec
Vegandale – Los Angeles, California
Vegan Street Fair – Hollywood, California
Vegas VegFest – Las Vegas, Nevada
Madison Vegan Fest – Madison, Wisconsin
Asheville VeganFest – Asheville, North Carolina
Triad Veganfest – Greensboro, North Carolina
Chattanooga VegFest – Chattanooga, Tennessee
Syracuse Vegfest – Syracuse, New York
Plant-Based Prevention of Disease – Atlanta, GA
Georgia VegFest – Atlanta, GA
Animal & Vegan Advocacy Summit – Washington, DC
Vegan Festival Adelaide – Adelaide, South Australia
Vegan Vibes – Mt Maunganui, New Zealand
Irish Vegan Festival – Belfast, Ireland
EU Sustainable Plant Protein & Fermentation Solutions Conference – Prague, Czech Republic
VeggieWorld – Paris, France
VeggieWorld – Hamburg, Germany
VeggieWorld – Koln (Cologne), Germany



VKX – Los Angeles, CA
Vegandale – Dallas, Texas
Hampton Roads VegFest – Virginia Beach, VA
Tampa Bay VegFest – Tampa Bay, Florida
Scruffy City Vegan Fest – Knoxville, Tennessee
VegFest UK – London, UK
Tribe Live – London, UK
Just V Show – Birmingham, UK
Organic Plant Based Expo – Copenhagen, Denmark
Plant Based World Expo – Europe
Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit Asia – Singapore



Vegan Fest Argentina – Buenos Aires, Argentina


Thank you to everyone in the Facebook and LinkedIn groups who shared the information to be able to compile this!

Are there any annual live vegan events you attend each year that are not on this list? Contact me and I’ll add them.

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