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It’s been a great start to 2022. I brought on a new vegan client and edited two spiritual books, a goal I set at the end of last year. I’m a good ghostwriter, but I haven’t yet come across any authors who need this service, so in this blog I’d like to share more about the five clients I’ve done ghostwriting for. I did a blog on this previously but in this one, we’ll talk about the clients I worked directly with vs. the ones where the client simply got credit for the content I wrote.


1. Zooming with a pro-bono vegan client

Right before launching my copywriting biz in 2020, I popped into a couple of vegan Facebook groups to offer my services pro-bono in exchange for a testimonial. Venessa Stonehouse at Mindful FUD (formerly Feed Me Fit) answered the call. We went on a video call via Zoom for 30 minutes to talk about the announcement she wanted to make: the food she was serving in her business was going to be 100% plant-based. Initially the announcement went out as a newsletter, but she also used it on social media, which is cool.

It took me a while to realize that I’m better at long vs. short-form copy, but I LOVE editing. I just don’t think I’ve come across a client who’s challenged me enough and prefers shorter social copy. The search continues! Below is Mindful FUD’s crowdfunding video.

I’ve since tried the company’s hunnie (yup, that’s vegan honey!) and chick’n products. They’re so good! You can also watch or listen to the interview we did with her at the networking group I co-host, VEG Networking Canada.

2. Editing a vegan speaker’s transcripts

I’m fortunate to have been referred to diabetes lifestyle coach and keynote speaker Dennis Jones at Course Correction by Stephanie Redcross-West at Vegan Mainstream—where everyone needs to go to learn about how to run a vegan business. The first project we worked on was editing an article for a vegan media outlet which touched on his plant-based story. Dennis had already written a first draft but needed to incorporate pieces from a few other documents. As a speaker, Dennis regularly uses an app called Dragon Anywhere (by Nuance) which transcribes speech to text. We did a few more projects in which I would always start with a document or two that Dennis created using the app.

Editing a document that was created using an app is a bit different than transcribing a call with a client, but it saves me some time. When I did video/audio interviews for my forthcoming book, I used to transcribe but still had to do some editing work for the text to be readable. So if a client wanted to speak using an app and send me the document, that could also work and prevent the need to be live on a Zoom call together.


3. Turning WhatsApp messages into blogs

In spring of 2021, I did some blogging for CBD product company ICARIA. The founder Nadya liked to speak vs write notes about the blog topics, so we used WhatsApp, a mobile chat app owned by Meta. Sometimes her notes were prompts, but because she’s so knowledgeable about about the benefits of CBD, I’d literally type out exactly what she said. WhatsApp is a great way to send audio messages back and forth (especially if you don’t want to get charged for audio text messages) but I would recommend it for shorter content vs. something like a book.


4. Call 6-1-2 for a good blog

In 2020 and 2021 I wrote blogs and did some editing work for 6 1/2 Consulting which does leadership coaching and consulting for companies. Both of the partners are excellent speakers, but one took notes for the blogs I did at the start, while the other preferred hopping on the phone for 20-45 minutes to hash out ideas. While recording phone calls is not difficult, I’d much rather hop on a Zoom call and record it vs. be on the phone. My client talked faster than I could type, so I had to stop her a few times to finish taking notes on what she’d just said. It would probably have been more efficient to record on Zoom or have her send me an audio file (similar to Nadya who used WhatsApp). But we managed!

5. Ghostwriting a spiritual ebook’s conclusion

The final ghostwriting project is an ebook entitled Five Secrets From Holy Books by spiritual author Arjuna D. Ghose. He’ll be publishing a memoir series of three books, and this ebook is sort of a precursor to the books. With five chapters, each chapter corresponds to one secret shared, and Ghose needed my help ghostwriting a conclusion for the book. The five secrets format worked out well as I simply had to summarize the takeaway from the lesson shared.

If you know you’ve got a book in you and you need a vegan or spiritual ghostwriter to make it come to life, check out my authors page to see if your book is up my alley. I’d love to work with you if it is! And you can check out my videos on Instagram or YouTube to get a feel for what my personality is like. This is important as we’d be spending a good hour or so each week pulling your story out of you and turning that into book gold, so I want you to at least enjoy our time together!

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