Networking with other vegan businesses is easy—you just need to know where to look!

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Just as I’m getting more inquiries from vegan and spiritual authors (no, I am NOT a vegan publisher!), more folks are asking me how I started my biz and where they can network with others who are vegan and run businesses. This is amazing!

I wrote a post in 2020 on ways solo vegan service providers can find vegan clients when I was just 9 months into running my business. A year and a half later, much has changed and there are even more places to network. Here’s the list, and if there are more to add, I’ll update this post.


Beyond Animal

Beyond Animal is where investors and vegan businesses meet. Includes a directory, job board, events, and investment opportunities. Headquartered in Switzerland.

Glasswall Syndicate

An American nonprofit 501 C 6 association that only supports startups that are removing animals from their supply chain, Glasswall Syndicate charges membership dues to investors—never startups. Vegan business owners looking to meet investors can add their information for free through their portal and network with investors. It hosts events regularly; while some are exclusive for investors and startups that are part of their pitch events, others welcome other vegan startups.

Vegan Business Tribe

Vegan Business Tribe is a community of over 1,000 vegan business owners across the globe who are on a mission to change the face of business to create a fairer, cruelty-free world for both animals and people. Founded and operated by David Pannell and Lisa Fox in the UK, this community offers online networking events, business clinics (masterminds), courses, a Slack workspace, and a podcast. Its first Tribe Live event takes place this November.

Vegan Entrepreneurs Network

Founded by Mirjam Walser in Berlin, Germany, Vegan Entrepreneurs Network is a supportive network of vegan entrepreneurs all over Europe and the US. Communities are currently in Zurich, Berlin, the Netherlands, Paris, London, Vienna, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco and are events-focused.

Vegan Mainstream

Vegan Mainstream provides a full spectrum of free and paid services to support both new and established vegan business owners and entrepreneurs. Headquartered in Florida by Stephanie Redcross-West, Vegan Mainstream also offers 1:1 coaching, a job board, a podcast called Pivot!, several Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and a Slack workspace.

Vegan Women Summit

Vegan Women Summit (VWS) is shaping the future by empowering the next generation of compassionate leaders. It’s a global events and media organization dedicated to empowering women to build a kinder, more sustainable world. It’s run both online and in-person events and I love its weekly newsletter, entitled Women Founder WednesdayMy LinkedIn game has seriously improved as a result of it, and it was a great source of contributors for my forthcoming marketing book.

Vegan Entrepreneurs Group (VEG) Networking Canada

VEG Networking Canada was founded in 2020 by Helen Siwak and Justin Manning and began as a local, invite-only, Vancouver-based networking meetup. In June 2021, I took over Helen’s role as co-host and we expanded our membership across Canada. We are now 30+ Canadian members strong and meet weekly on Zoom (bi-weekly in summer months). We interview all new members (who must be vegan) and guests who run or work in vegan businesses in Canada, which you can view on our YouTube channel. Email or DM me on social media for an invite to join or be featured as a guest.


VEGPRENEUR is a leading global community of 1600+ entrepreneurs and investors building sustainable plant-based businesses in food, fashion, wellness, packaging, beauty, tech, and farming. Founded by Noah Hyams in New York, VEGPRENEUR also offers a job board, Facebook group, and investment opportunities. I attended their online Summit in 2022 and it was well run.


Vevolution is where the world’s aspiring entrepreneurs, emerging startups, and investors come together; it’s technology with heart. Based in London, UK, it hosts podcasts and events and its platform includes a directory, job board, and investment opportunities, including a partnership with Vegan Investors Network.

Vegans in the Limelight

VIVAS previously provided community, connection, and collaboration to help female-identifying vegan, plant-based, plant-powered superheroes become the best leader possible in life, work and advocacy. The new iteration of Katrina Fox’s vegan community, Vegans in the Limelight, is for vegans of all genders who want to be seen as global leaders.

See if you can spot yours truly in the photo from VIVAS’s December 2021 meetup!


Other ways to network

Directories & apps

While these organizations do not produce events, they can be great places to list your business where other vegans will find you, and where you can connect online with other vegans.

abillion is a social media app where anyone can discover the best vegan, sustainable, and ethical food, beauty, and fashion products.

HappyCow is a global online directory and app for vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Includes a store for brands selling on Amazon US and an ambassador program.

VeganCheck is an app-in-progress that aims to be a centralized place for plant-based products and services based on your location.

VeganDirectory connects vegans looking for products or services of vegan businesses that offer them.

Vegan Linked is a directory that lists businesses and events.

Vegan Paradise is a directory for businesses, accommodation, farm animal sanctuaries, healthcare, movies and more.

vKind is the largest US-based vegan search platform that makes choosing compassion just as easy as the alternative. Includes an app, blog, recipes, guides, events and listings, and ad opportunities. It also just kicked off its rad YouTube channel in 2022, vKindVibes!


Social Networks

Vegan Check Social is the social platform for the VeganCheck app.

Here is a short list of global Facebook and LinkedIn groups you can join. Be sure to read their guidelines before posting, and also look for ones in your area.

Advertise your vegan business (Facebook)
World Vegan Market (Facebook)
Vegan Business (LinkedIn)
Vegan Business Networking (Facebook)
Vegan Business Networking (LinkedIn)
Vegan Business Owners (Facebook)
Vegan Friendly (LinkedIn)
Vegan Mainstream (LinkedIn)
Vegan Professional Network (Facebook)
Vegan Professionals (Facebook)
Vegan Professionals (LinkedIn)
Vegans in the Limelight (Facebook, members only)

You’ll find relevant clubs on Clubhouse too: The Vegan Entrepreneur, Vegan Mainstream, and Vegan Visibility are just a few.


Local events and meetups

Many major cities have their own vegan meetups, festivals, expos, and even camp-outs where you can meet vegan businesses and other vegans. Look on for meetups in your area. I’ve been able to explore restaurants I wouldn’t have otherwise visited had it not been for a vegan meetup in Vancouver!

Networking tip: Just as you would not ask someone to marry you on the first date, remember not to try to sell when you first meet someone, unless you are a vendor at an event. Meet in person, connect online, and nurture the relationship!


Have you found success with finding clients or customers at any other vegan-focused business networks that aren’t listed here? Contact me!

Last update: July 2022


Header photo: Tosha Lobsinger

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