The Easiest Job I’ve Ever Gotten as a Copy Editor

First, I know I’m privileged to write this. It isn’t easy running your own business, let alone attracting gigs as a solopreneur. I’d much rather be writing or editing for clients rather than hunting for them.

I know how hard it can be to get a startup off the ground, which is why I’m so grateful it took such little effort to get a recent gig. Let me show you the exact two sentences I used to get $250.

How I got the copy editor gig

This was a response to a post in a Facebook group. The client was looking for an experienced copywriter for a one-day website content edit job that might evolve into a longer relationship. Very specific!

I didn’t even read the original post. A former client tagged my name and alerted me. I don’t always have time to comb through groups like this for gigs, so I’m glad she saw the post and recommended me.

There were 7 posts before my two-sentence comment. I didn’t know if my client contacted any of them before choosing to go with me, but I do know that they emailed me within 10 minutes of my posting those two sentences.

So, not only was that the easiest $250 job, it was the fastest!

Let’s also look at the content of my two sentences, because that’s important:

  1. I mentioned my niche. I only work for cruelty-free businesses, so I wanted to make sure that if the client considered me, they fell into that category. And they did.
  2. I mentioned my portfolio, in addition to my website. There were two folks who’d posted their website or offered to DM the client, but I think what helped was that I make my portfolio available so they can see samples RIGHT AWAY.
    This is something I made public only recently, because I grew tired of sending it via email and this ensures that each prospect gets the most updated version of my portfolio online.

Finally, I got a second recommendation: a glowing testimonial from another former client as a comment to mine. I love Yuko!

In the email that came in, the client said they loved my writing style (a good thing!), wanted to know if I could work within their budget, and estimated that I could do the work in a day. After getting the project brief, I found out that the work wasn’t due in 24 hours but in a week, so I had some time to get a first draft over and we spent a couple of days collaborating on the edited content. They were very specific with what they wanted and gave great feedback, which always helps content writers.


How you can get projects in less time and effort

I believe in my heart and soul that if we made it easier for the right clients or customers to find us, the world would be a much easier and happier place. So I want the same for you! Here are some tips:

  • Know your niche. Your product or service isn’t meant for everyone, so you better know who it is for so that when someone is looking for you, you/your product comes top of mind to others, or it won’t take that much effort to convince the prospect that you’re the best fit.
  • Be transparent. So often in Facebook groups I see people asking: “Can I DM you?” or just dropping a link to their website and leaving it to the prospect to do all the work. Don’t ask, show. That means that your website is going to have to sell for you, but that’s the point. No one uses brochures anymore, so one website link has to do the job. In my business, writing or content portfolios are EVERYTHING, which is why it’s a good idea that I make mine live.
  • Nurture your referral network. As I’ve mentioned before, 80-90% of clients come from others recommending me, and while I don’t have the habit of sending bouquets to everyone I know, being a good and kind person and sharing free content that gives others value helps them to keep you top of mind. This year, I started doing videos (which I hadn’t done since around 2015 when I ran my previous business), and I think that’s helped to get me more “out there” and visible to people who might refer work to me.

Need someone to bounce off ideas to see if you can sell better and faster? Email me or send me a DM on social!

If you run or work with a cruelty-free business and need a vegan content editor or writer to help you communicate effectively with your audience, have a look at my portfolio here and feel free to contact me! 🙂

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