This is probably the easiest and healthiest breakfast ever.

If you’ve heard of “overnight” recipes, this is one of them and there are several reasons why I love this chia pudding:

  • It’s great for summer when it’s sweltering and you need a cool breakfast that doesn’t peel the roof of your mouth off with sugar.
  • It’s freaking good for you.
  • Matcha is caffeine. So you can skip the coffee! Yeah I said it! Matcha’s STRONG.
  • Chia contains protein. That is all.
  • Don’t like coconut milk? Swap it for your fav non-dairy milk. Same with the fruit: Use what you please!
  • The servings may not seem like a lot, but trust me, there’s enough energy in a serving for a 15 minute run!
  • No prep when you want to eat it if you make it the night before! Seriously, breakfast was meant to jumpstart us so we could do all the sh*t we need to without having to worry about what to eat. No one has time to make sausage and eggs, and those sausages are uber processed anyway.

I get my matcha powder from my mom-in-law in Japan, so I can’t help you out with which one to get. I’d advise you to go to T&T or Fujiya supermarkets instead of the normal grocery store as you can’t just grab any ‘green tea powder.’ DoMatcha is a local company; they import it from Japan, but I haven’t personally tried theirs.


2 c coconut milk
2 tbsp maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp matcha powder
6 tbsp chia seeds
Recommended: 2 c berries

Blend the milk, syrup, vanilla, and matcha powder in a blender. Pour the liquid over the chia in a mason jar (or other sealable container). Stir thoroughly, every few minutes for 15 minutes. Refrigerate for at least an hour and stir before serving with berries and other desired toppings. Serves 3 1/2 c servings or 4 3/4 c servings.


  • I love raspberries or blueberries; there were none at my store this week, so I used blackberries and strawberries for the photo.
  • I love sprinkling coconut flakes on top. Want an even healthier version? Put in hemp seeds.
  • You can see the chunks of matcha in the photo because I didn’t want to take out and clean my food processor so just used the ol’ wrist whisk action. It doesn’t taste any different, but if you want yours without chunks, use your blender.
  • Double the recipe for more servings!

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