I wrote this Public Relations Guide in the Spring of 2017.

Public Relations had changed drastically since I’d started my career in 2005, morphing from mostly traditional media (publicity) campaigns to involving social media and other digital methods. I’ve been saying “f*ck news releases” for a long time and refusing to do them for clients. But while the methods were getting faster and more viral, it seemed to me that there was a real lack of internal public relations happening within companies, that resulted in millennials quitting very openly and calling their bosses out for being a$$holes.

I realized that there needed to be a real inside-out change if new PR was ever going to survive, and that’s when I started to recruit experts into what was going to be the new evolution of Conscious PR. I pored over new PR books, books calling for the death of PR, and industry guru James Hoggan’s newest book. We would’ve made an amazing assembly. Other ad and PR execs around the world also started quitting and partnering, forming micro-agencies with the same idea.

My plan was to release the book post-rebrand, but I decided in mid-2018 that instead of evolving into the new agency, it was time to say goodbye to the industry. But I had already written a book, even recorded the audio version for it.

My intuition told me very loudly that this knowledge still needed to get out there. I re-jigged half the book to make it more relevant. And even though marketing communications methods continue to change by the minute, this guide is better than going at it alone — or worse, leading a team without knowing what the hell you’re doing. And I know there are leaders out there doing exactly that who’ll never admit it.

These are my words, but the knowledge comes from so many sources, most of whom I’ve given credit to in the acknowledgement section.

Click above to download Chapter 1, on me. Click here to buy the e-book for $4.99 USD, or order your copy for $13.90 + shipping. I’m happy to sign it for you too.

If you’re an Amazon author, you know that you don’t get a royalty cheque until you make $100 first, so I’m not in this for the money. I want to help spread the word about the right way to do PR. Not with news releases or blindly posting on Instagram or Facebook. You’ve got to know your values, your brand story, how you help people, and what methods are going to be the most effective for your audience in order for you to be successful and actually have a positive impact on the world.

And you’ll never need to go to school to learn this stuff — it’s all practical.

I hope you’ll consider purchasing and reviewing the book on Amazon when you’ve gone through it. If our paths cross in person, I’d love to sign your copy.

Much gratitude for your time and support,


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