This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

Justifying the need for work breaks

It’s a good thing people liked my September 2017 blog on the SVI Hollyhock Conference, because it was the last blog I posted since I started building our upcoming site.

I’ve been itching to to move forward on our soon-to-be rebrand and relaunch, which turned from a Fall 2017 target date to sometime in 2018.

And I’ve been hesitant in being really vocal on social media because I’m protective of my ideas, as I’m sure many entrepreneurs or just creative thinkers and thought leaders are. We are brilliant, and we have great ideas. Sometimes too good to share.

Enter a few books by powerful women I read at the start of this year:

These books have been out for awhile, but I tend to put the hot business books on the top of my reading list and these more airy-fairy, self-dev books lower.

At the end of 2017 I met with a potential partner who told me about how, after he left his corporate job, he went on sabbatical for about six months, and he highly suggested I do that if I ever got the chance.

And I realized in January, that I AM on a sabbatical since I’ve emotionally left Conscious PR aside, and am just pregnant with the new brand, unsure of its due date. So instead of setting a personal or business New Year’s Resolution for 2018, my goal was no goals. Feeling good. No more self-deprecation and victimization and putting myself down if I failed to make any $ and pay down my debt on a given month.

Feeling good. That’s it.

Thanks to LaPorte’s free e-book offer, I dived into The Desire Map. And I realized that her ideas were SO on point. For a long time I’ve been a skeptic of her work because it can’t just be about feeling good. We have to hustle to reach our goals, or else we’d be spending our work days binging Netflix series. It just couldn’t happen in my world. But the book helped me to realize it IS about feeling good. FIRST. Then acting according to plan. Genius. THANK YOU, DL.

Liz Gilbert. I love her language. And she’s SO right about ideas in Big Magic. They are spiritual and we grasp them and let them go and then punish ourselves for not moving on them faster. I first came up with the idea for Conscious PR, bored in a conference in 2009. I deleted the note on my phone, then saw two PR companies do the same thing. So I thought I was right to abandon the idea, until it came back to me so strongly at the end of 2011. I remember distinctly telling my boyfriend (now husband) in his bed late at night that I think rebranding was something I needed to do. And of course it was the right thing, because it came back to me and I ended up fucking ROCKING Conscious PR for the next five years. I breathed life into it so much that people saw me synonymously with it.

At The Art of Leadership Conference in 2016, I came up with the new iteration of my company. Ron Tite signed my copy of Everyone’s An Artist and he told me to let them see the disruption…express it! And it’s taken over a year and a half for that disruption to unfold, but it’s almost here, and I’m excited to share it with you.

2018 is the year of women. (And the Dog in the Chinese calendar, which is me as well.) Do you feel it in the air? I do. And I think we as women tend to do things differently. Yes, we set goals, and sometimes we don’t achieve them, but not because we suck (and believe me, I tell myself that a lot), but because it’s just not the right time. Economically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. I believe in divine timing, and that’s why this entire blog was dedicated to just explaining why I’ve been on a break the last 3.5 months.

But I don’t believe we need to explain ourselves anymore, rather just tell our stories. So I hope you reach out via social or here in the comments of this soon-to-be extinct site to tell me your story of how you’re changing. And if and how I can help you. I’m hoping to be more active on both Instagram and Facebook Stories, so you can follow and message back there.

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