No cure for the common cold? Hell, I got that sh*t DOWN.

I don’t know why it’s taken me 35 years to come up with a solid formula to kick a cold, but maybe it’s because I rarely get sick, and when I do, I don’t bother to take note of my actions. But I’ve got it down, people. Less than 10 days. I guarantee it!

What’s awesome is that detoxifying and sweating (hello, Vancouver summer!), and having people or things exit in my life or business has meant letting new things come in. The last batch of 250 or so t-shirts from Rescued Clothing Company are gone and all that’s left are the empty bins in my garage, and our social media accounts where we’re still spreading the word about the importance of recycling & upcycling clothing.

My dad’s siblings all came into town from the world over for a little reunion last week, and we got to spend time catching up since my wedding, and were even treated to a few musical performances.

Secondly, my journals are now on sale at The Basement in Gastown (235 Cambie St near Water), run by a dynamic female duo Ami and Heather (fellow eWomenNetwork member) who also own the clothing line The Loyal Coalition. I was first introduced to them at VegExpo and then after dropping by to check out the store (which is a must visit — so many cool urban products and some eco), I thought, if my journals were to be in a store, I think they’d be a fit here! And we decided to try it out to see how it goes.

I’ve also moved ahead with Conscious PR’s new brand with the help of my genius friend Elina Daoutova (can’t wait to share it soon) and invited a new advisor onto our board. Yesterday I had two of 3 advisor meetings/calls about the new direction of the business. While I always expect warnings and feedback, it’s so awesome to get compliments and the affirmation that I am on the right track. If there were a “job description” for an entrepreneur (there must be in schools at this point) they should really list intuitive and resilience as required qualities. Because running a business is one of the most unpredictable careers you can have. It’s never boring, but it can also be painstaking and draining, and it’s so important not only to have good self-care/life balance habits, but also good people on your team to support you.

So onto the cold remedies. Remember, if you’re gonna kick this, be prepared to receive from the divine, on all fronts. Cause the Universe works in flow. Out with the old, in with the new.

  • Soon as you feel that tingly, start using oil of oregano. And unless your oil requires dilution in water, you can drop up to 5 drops (I find 3 to be most tolerable) in your mouth 6x a day. That’s right, six times! Follow the directions on the bottle as brands vary in strength.
  • Buy a 1L bottle of ChasersCold K (formerly known as Cold Killer). This has honey, so if you’re vegan, you can get Citrus or Vit C (or both) instead. (See bottles above – available locally in Vancouver at several grocery stores or at their store in Yaletown.) Start drinking right away. Purchase more as needed for the rest of the week.
    • Side note: I was with cold the week before my wedding last summer, and I literally drank Cold Fighter right before walking down the aisle. Result: All symptoms GONE for the big day!
  • Morning and evening, drink hot water with juice of 1/8 lemon with honey (or other liquid sweetener) and 1 tbsp of raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. The good kind. This is the most important ingredient to kick the cold.
    • I also put Echinacea drops in my morning water, but didn’t find it to be very useful. So don’t know about this even though everyone says to consume it.
  • Consume salt & vinegar chips for snack to keep the phlegm down. Yes, you’ll pack on an extra pound or two, but the faster you kick the faster you get off the chips. Two big bags usually does it throughout the week.
  • Consume spicy noodle soup or congee. Support your Asian restaurants here… and yes this is brutal in summer, so make sure you’re indoors and with a handkerchief because you’re going to be spewing snot, stat.
  • Buy your choice of nasal clearing lozenges for when you have to make phone calls or attend meetings. I like Fisherman’s Friend or extra strength Halls, but both contain sugar. Boo!
  • Get fresh air for exercise. Leo likes breathing underneath trees, but any kind of walk that’s not nearby a smoggy street is good for me.
  • Meditate. I do this for 20 minutes twice daily anyway, but anytime you can let your body rest is good.
  • You’ll find you need an extra hour of sleep too… take it. It works.

That’s it!

Do you have any cold remedies you swear by? Comment below!

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