This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

I’ve learned some big lessons this past week from being sick and overworked.

First off, the healthier you are, the more your intuition – both body and emotional – tells you things.

I braved the Monday snowstorm to go to a networking event, and was proud of myself for doing so. And then the tingly back of the throat sensation set in. Uh oh. You know what that means, right? Oranges, oil of oregano, salt & vinegar chips, mouthwash, and Fisherman’s Friend were in order (Fisherman’s Friend has sugar – anyone know of a better substitute?).

On top of that, I wasn’t feeling all that great about work. I started a new routine and that felt uneasy. But on Thursday the sun was out and at the eWomenNetwork Vancouver Luncheon, I was gifted with two Valentine’s grams from my colleagues. It really cheered me up. I work on eWomen’s Marketing team pro bono, so it was almost like a thank you for the work I do with them.


Friday, I felt the sickness coming on and did my best to rest up for the day of pampering (haircut and mani pedi) I set up for myself on Saturday. Leo was out, so the time on my own was awesome. Friends invited me out that evening, and my body was telling me, go anyway. I really believe that time with others you don’t often see is a good thing; routine can be stifling.

My sickness peaked Sunday, and with it being a yellow day, I wasn’t on time with all of my to-dos, but I knew I needed to slow down and just be patient with myself. On top of the great weather, I felt like singing and practicing my keyboard. I could see how much more progress I was making with my repertoire of Alicia Keys songs. I also watched the Grammy Awards that night and felt grateful to have music in my life. I believe music one of the greatest energetic equalizers in the world.

Every day since January first, I’ve been short journalling and I end off with the statement: I’m grateful for… It’s a practice that author Neil Pasricha recommended for happiness prescription (one of many – there is no one size fits all, right?).

44 days into the gratitude journalling, I’m beginning to shift that one bedtime moment of gratitude to the rest of the moments in my day. Which is how I always want to feel. The more I am grateful, that means the more I have something to be grateful for.

Yesterday I could feel my sickness dissipating. I attended an event last night in which I shared something about myself that I hadn’t with anyone else except my sister, in over 20 years. The experience of vulnerability was incredibly liberating. At home and when at work, I don’t feel like I am one. And there is a power to acknowledging your man or womanhood, if you choose to.

I am feeling more open and abundant. And it helps to have some sunny days after Vancouver wintergeddon. I think that the faster you learn the lessons that your body tries to teach you when you are sick, the faster you heal. I love myself more this week, and just in time for Valentine’s Day. Cause we all need to hit ourselves with some self-love.

Did you get the sick bug recently, and if so, what lessons did it teach you?

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