This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

Do what you can when asked to work for free.

Getting ranked #50 out of Feedspot’s Top 100 PR blogs ain’t bad, but I’d like for YOU to tell me: Do you think we should keep up with our Tribute Tuesday and Hump Wednesday blogs? What would you like to see from us going into 2017?

This week’s tips are inspired by the people and organizations who’ve approached us throughout the year asking us to work for them on a pro-bono basis. The limit that I usually set each year is four projects, and we ended up completing that quite quickly by the summer, which means that during a time when people might need communications help the most, I am faced with the decision to say no.

It’s not easy, but at the same time we need boundaries. Aside from the week I took off to get married this year, this is my only time to take a break from work. I know that there are a million other causes that could use media coverage or more posts on social. Or organizations that could use more food, more clothing, and blankets to help those who are homeless. I’d love to help everyone out, but I too have limits.

What I always say is that if you can send me info about your cause, I can post that on my social networks. Because every bit helps.

I’ve heard a lot lately about giving “from a full cup” and this year has taught me a big lesson about that. When we are exhausted and drained and lacking in energy, it’s hard to give back, much less think about self-care. But when we are filled up with energy and spirit and love — from strangers, family, or friends alike — then we can give more. This is the spirit that I like to start the year with.

I’ll do my usual year-end round up post at month’s end, but this will be it for tip content. And I think we’ve given enough tips to last the year!

Here’s a little graphic from us to you, by our fantastic outgoing intern Julie Wang. Thanks for making it a great year at Conscious PR.

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