This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!  

Reflecting on a big milestone from the past month and the need to continue the hustle

I’ve started a habit every Monday morning to watch at least 10 DailyVee videos by Gary Vaynerchuk (I’m on #50 right now, catching up to his current content).

October was a funny month. Funny as in ups and downs, and I’m still getting used to the fact that life is like this (on a daily vs annual basis). We brought on a great client, and for personal reasons, we lost her. EAT! Vancouver happened, we scored a great TV segment on Global National for Focus Professional Services, I read more books than ever, I got to meet Gabrielle Bernstein again, and Leo and I became godparents to our second niece. Oh, and I got my first tattoo.


In between a lot of celebrating, I continued to grieve for the client we lost, and worried about how to pick up the revenue so that we could have a good Q4. And then I found out we actually had our highest revenue month in history. It was more than I made in a year when I was first starting out.

Holy shit.

Among all the living and grieving, I didn’t even realize that it was a good month. I was head down, hustling to develop business relationships. And I realized that if we only replace worrying with hustle (like Gary V would do), we can achieve our crazy goals. I had an intuitive reading at this same time last year and the reader said to stop worrying, and I’m only learning the lesson now. Take advice quickly when you receive it. I had another reading last Friday and you can bet I’ll be trying to implement that advice a lot faster.

Maybe not every month is going to be like the last, but the fact that it happened means that success (according to my vision) is possible. It’s possible, and it is well beyond what I ever thought I could achieve when I started the business.

Gary V is right. If you just hustle, the success will come. And if it isn’t, pivot and change it up. Big changes are coming next year and I still have the inclination to worry about whether it’s going to fail miserably or put us in a worse position, but my intuition has never failed me so I know in every vein of my being that it isn’t going to fail us. Change in the right direction can only make our business better and the world better.

What tips do you have to replace worry with hustle?

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