To teachers that come in all forms

Last week was Jak’s last week, so today I get to sound off about how grateful I am for the constant things I am learning about myself, business, and life in general. I feel like the older I get, the more unexpected things get thrown my way and so it’s just a process of learning uncomfortability (again — thank you, Mr. Uncomfortable!).

First, to our outgoing intern, Jak — from whom I’ve learned about eagerness to learn and become a better person, adaptability, and kindness. I learn things from my interns all the time, and am grateful that it’s not just us who are teaching them.

Last Thursday I was fortunate to attend eWomenNetwork Vancouver’s Full Day Sales & Marketing workshop. I was on Twitter duty too, so I thought it might be an exhausting day. It was, but I was reminded about how much I still don’t know about business. There are SO many ways in which we can market, sell, and use social media and there is no one right way to do it all since all businesses are different. However, I learned a lot about how differently I could be doing things.

There was also a very tempting offer from one of the speakers to attend a weekend Summit to learn her method of sales called Heart Selling, which I have learned before. However I started diving into a book, The Challenger Customer, that I received from The Art of Sales Conference earlier this year, which is a bit of a different sales method than Heart Selling, so I’m even more grateful that I’m digging into this instead because I think having more tools in my arsenal will benefit me down the road.

At last Friday’s team lunch, we had a really good discussion about how much PR is changing. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and I’m sure changes are coming though we don’t know yet what that form will take. I’m so thankful to have a team that is always coming up with creative ideas and foresight and possibilities.

Saturday I stayed in the whole day and decided to catch up on all my Gary Vaynerchuk videos dating back to last year. Gary V puts out a “DailyVee” video each day and he’s always on Instagram and Snapchat daily, so if he can do it and run a multi-million dollar business, there’s really no excuse for the rest of us. I’ve decided I’m going to start each week (maybe each work day, eventually) watching his content to get motivated to work. Not that I’m unmotivated, but I think we can all stand to have the same amount of energy that Gary V has for business (or even life). Here are some of the memorable videos I saw this past week:

Lastly, I got together with my friendship peeps remotely on Sunday to discuss our monthly question set on how differently men & women view and handle emotion, expression, empathy, and thinking. It was along the lines of what we’d discussed, but I learned a very cool scientific fact about the way men’s brains are designed, and wondered if women’s brains could have exceptions too.

It’s science, people. We’re not aliens compared to each other.

Whether in life or business, you should always be learning and be grateful for your teachers, even if they came in the form of mistakes or a$$holes.

Who or what are you grateful for this week?

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