This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

Progress: How do you measure it?

I have admit, I loved yesterday’s blog. It’s one of my favourites, especially the “stay cool” reference to Pulp Fiction. What I love even more is that it took me about 10 minutes to do it and it was inspired by an experience I had on Tuesday, of seeing negative feedback on social media about a company I’m close to. I have the unique ability to take an experience, whip up a blog about it, and schedule it probably in way less time than it would take for someone else.

Now, we aren’t all on our high horses 24/7. Yesterday I had some very humbling conversations, one with someone who recommended that I do more speaking so that I could establish myself as a thought leader and more people would be encouraged to take the course that I created. And another conversation with a very powerful coach who works with seven-figure, mission-driven entrepreneurs who are stuck and don’t know what to do next in their lives.

And yet another conversation was with a potential client who wasn’t really sure what she was doing with her new business, and needed some guidance in terms of how to reach her ideal market, and which networking events to attend.

I became very grateful for all of these people I get to interact with on a daily or weekly basis. We’re all on different levels and we all have something to teach or learn from each other. We’re not all perfect, and we’re all striving for progress and forward movement.

It’s interesting that the two headlines of this blog include the words success and progress. To me, progress IS success as long as you can measure how far you’ve come. And the more I talk about us being a B Corp, I am proud of how far I’ve come in these last 8.5 years. That’s progress, and that’s success.

(Btw this took me 5 minutes to write…maybe a new record?)

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