This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

Responding (or not) to negative feedback on social

From Pulp Fiction: “Stay cool, Yolanda.”

My staff and I have blogged before on keeping your cool online, and whether or not you’re being hated on, it continues to be a human challenge, and not just a social media one.

Over the years our clients have been talked about both positively and negatively, just like anyone and anything in the world. No one’s going to absolutely love everything you do or who you work with.

However, even with the ability to have mature dialogues from behind our computers (or even – dare we say it – in person?!?), complaining on social media still continues to be the easiest route.

This can cause brands to fuel the fire and want to jump on social to defend themselves, but as any good social media crisis post will tell you, it’s always best to take it offline. Trolling trolls NEVER works.

People are such interesting, emotional beings. It’s so easy to connect, and misery loves company when it comes to complaining about brands, because we might think they are not listening. But the smart ones always are.

Since changing my name, I have an amazing opportunity and fresh start to my personal brand. So every so often I’m going back to see what’s being talked about me online or see if there are posts that have an outdated photo or old social media link.

I admire companies who continue to monitor the conversation online and get involved when it’s necessary and when they’re able to have a mature dialogue. It’s really not all that different than what I’ve been through this past month in dealing with difficult people. When we have a mature, human conversation instead of exchanging emotional messages online, it ALWAYS results in a better connection. And I really believe that’s what we’re meant to do in this world, online or not. Connect.

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