This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

Patience and knowing that miracles are coming. Or are here.

The world does not revolve around us alone. And yet, when we live our lives it’s basically a series of reactions to our outside world, and then lessons on whether or not those reactions were appropriate. And the cycle continues.

I had a great long weekend but have been hit hard with work and it’s been tough to juggle everything and everyone, but nothing that I should be surprised about. And yet I have this feeling that I can’t handle it all and that it is just too hard and that I need yet another break to cope. But is a break really what we need?

After my mental crisis yesterday I heard some amazing news that the Vancouver chapter of eWomenNetwork won an award for Social Media & Community Engagement, out of the 118 chapters across North America. I am one of the five members who contributes to eWomenNetwork Vancouver’s social network, so this was extremely gratifying. And then I read about some friends who had lost their baby in childbirth. It was a heartbreaking, painful story but I am glad that they shared it and found the love between them to share the joy they felt in meeting their little one, even if they would not see her grow.

There are miracles and tragedies happening every day that are unseen. Sometimes a break where nothing major happens – whether in our day or in our year – is a miracle indeed. And those moments deserve gratitude as well.

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