This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

The false concept of human time

I was reflecting yesterday on the concept of time and how the world runs on this global synced clock despite our different time zones. When did the first modern concept of time begin, and who decided we were going to start measuring by the second, minute, hour, and day? It fascinates me as I think about it.

I was thinking about how smart but also how silly us humans are. We’ve come up with this way to track time and this has definitely given us a sense of order, but it’s also given us this false sense of where we “should be” at a certain point, and if we are not “on time” for appointments it can result in disappointment (see the wordplay there?), as I usually feel when I am either late, or when someone has failed to be on time when I am.

I have been hoping for more work this year, and it looks like it may be coming, and right around the time of the wedding. Of course this is not ideal in my perfect world, but then again divine time does not work in human time, right? People don’t give a crap about what’s going on in my personal life. They need our help and they need it done at a certain time. And my hope is that we can get it done. I’m not sure if we need a miracle, but we definitely need to mess with our concept of human time if we want to get it all done.

The world doesn’t revolve around us. It goes as it does and we may as well try and keep up with it, with some well-timed rests. Am I right?

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