This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

CREATE GOOD INSTAGRAM CONTENT. Don’t beg your followers to get your notifications. Period.

So I probably don’t even have to set up this blog. Because y’all on Instagram probably saw the vomit-filled alleyway in your newsfeed last Monday morning:


Not you too, Gary?! Even the best of us ain’t too proud to beg. Well, he’s brilliant, so he always knows WHY he’s breaking the rules. He says his sh*t is on fire, and it is.

Everybody freaked out because they thought that the Instagram algorithm change was going into effect yesterday, when in fact it’s going to be rolled out (see, this is where checking for news on Twitter comes in handy!). And now that there’s been such a big uproar about it, who knows how long it’s going to take.

Massive props to Ungalli Clothing Co. for not selling out and posting this instead:

Let’s say you did want to turn on notifications for someone you’re following. You’d click on those three buttons at the top right corner, and see something this.

What would now happen is that every time that company or person posts, you’re going to get notified about it on your phone. The same way that I have text, Facebook, and WhatsApp messages already set to bug me. So am I going to want to be alerted to Instagram posts from just anyone? Likely not. Well, unless you really LOVE them.

As with Facebook, what’s going to win on Instagram is GOOD CONTENT. The more you put out good, non-salesy content, the more engaging your audience will be, and the more they will see your content and engage more. Let the lameness sink, baby.

If you MUST get your content to your ideal demographic and you can’t wait, that’s what advertising’s for. It worked on Facebook, and it’s working on Instagram too (though you won’t see me liking that tempting Campbell’s soup ad anytime soon!).

Did you turn on notifications for anyone you follow, and if so, why? I would love to hear what about their content compelled you to do so.

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