This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

My experience of karma from this past week, and how there is always choice.

Karma is an interesting word, and I am learning to continually re-define it. You can ask the KarmaConnect team from last weekend on their definition, and I would describe theirs to be more of the bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad” definition, while focusing more on the good results.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a boomerang belief in karma. I have always believed in action + consequence, mixed in with some divine influence from guides that have passed. This is why I made a good event planner in my past life and why I’m the complete opposite of a bridezilla: I have the vision in my mind, and I reverse engineer my actions to try and achieve that consequence. And all of the events that I have organized in the past have been successful.

My life is not perfect. There are of course things that I wish were different or that I wish I could have now, and every day I am doing something to try and get there. And I don’t think that I will have to wait until the next life to get it, but I often have to wait longer than I expected. Gabrielle Bernstein describes this as “divine time.” It took me three years to take my business full-time, four years to find the right brand fit, six years before I brought on other team members, and eight will be number of years passed before achieving B Corporation certification and moving to the next level. And I thought that I was avoiding medical school so that I could fast-track my career!

I had a great, full weekend with friends and family, relaxation, a little ice cream indulgence, and you could say that it all went down the drain when I felt pain early Tuesday morning. But here is where karma is wrong: it’s not “good or bad emanations felt by someone or something.” I set out to have the good feelings. And even though I have no idea where the source of the physical pain came from (resulting in bad emanations), I can still choose to not call the experience bad. If it takes a decade to solve some of my health problems, that is what it will take (and I felt that my Googling on Tuesday morning is the first step to making change). That is not bad karma, that is me taking action – even actions I didn’t know caused my pain – to achieve a consequence.

While I had the intention to drink kombucha, use my heat pack, and essential oils to solve my health problems, they did not work. So I have to change my actions to change the consequence again. Action => consequence => intention => action => change.

Yesterday I received a free service because a favourable blog post that I wrote about the business owner generated new clients for her, and she wanted to express her gratitude. Again, I didn’t have the intention of a free service, I intended to help her. You might call it karma, but I see it as a good consequence of my good intentions and subsequent actions. I think that a lot of people have good intentions but no actions to back it up. The US Presidential Election is going to really allow us to see where people back up their intentions.

Last year was rough and I went against the principle of karma I’m talking about today. I let myself feel down when things didn’t go right. I focused on the fact that I was bringing it all upon myself, and I punished myself. And while we will always have good and bad feelings, I don’t think you should ever punish yourself. As long as we are breathing, we have choice and we have the power of intention and action to help ourselves, and the world.

How do you define your karma?

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