This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

To Julia Cameron and meditation for helping me rediscover my creative self

It’s been an interesting month since I picked up Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way and have been working through it (this week is Week 4 of 12). The book was recommended to me by a coach and I talked in a previous blog post about the need to celebrate my personal life and hone my creative and self-expressive self instead of putting it down for the sake of work. Part of going through the book includes free writing three pages first thing in the morning. This was a shift for me as I usually like to journal write at night, but it has been an enjoyable experience because I find that I can set the tone of my day in the pages. I don’t want to spoil the book, but what’s been most fascinating about it is that Cameron links artistry with spirituality, which is right up my alley. So it makes sense that the meditation and using this book as a guide has been slowly changing me.

At the grand opening of the TM Centre last weekend, I talked to a few seasoned practitioners (40 years and counting, daily!) and a few TM newbies and shared that what I’ve most gained from doing TM for over a year and a half is that my intuition has increased. I have a lot more future visions of myself and while I was always a daydreamer, I didn’t necessarily dream about myself.

Combined with honing in on more of my creative self this past month, I have now decided that a project I was going to start in August of this year may start sooner so that I can launch it in August. I also thought about the Being Woman Conference I took with Lara Kozan & Kate Muker last year. One of the exercises they did was visioning ourselves & our businesses in three years. Then they asked us what we would need to do to complete those goals in a year. So I guess my intuition has been telling me “do it sooner.” Friday night was a chill night in and I created a timeline for the project to be completed sooner. It will depend on financing, but if I can do it sooner, it’d be awesome and this year will be even more interesting than it is playing out to be.

Here’s to your creative self — what things do you do to celebrate your creativity and self-expression?

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