This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

The new demands for traditional coverage, and remembering you’re always being read & watched on social.

I received an e-mail containing this from a local newspaper yesterday:

Regarding the article about [your client], we can cover it if the company can put [in an ad in] our paper.  If they are interested, please contact our AD Manager [contact info here] for the details.

I shouldn’t be shocked, but I was. We’ve been told about rates for sponsored posts or contests by bloggers and online influencers, and even been asked for product & gift cards from our clients in exchange for coverage. But never advertising.

The tides have truly changed when editors of newspapers are now demanding ads in exchange for coverage — instead of saying, “You know, I don’t see a story here, but it would be more of a fit for advertising. Here’s our contact…” As I keep saying, PR is the new marketing, so instead of a media vs. marketing budget, it may be good for you to just have a Marketing budget for media relations now, if the coverage is important to you.

Secondly, I interviewed a candidate yesterday for our Director position who has been following me on Twitter for over three years. The person was able to recall tweets that I had put out about former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford when he was reported by the media. Remember, you’re always being watched and read when you are on social media. And sometimes, remembered!

Have you noticed a difference in the way you’re communicating with traditional media, or people in general on social?

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