This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

Listening to red – because sometimes red means stop

The colour red. Not sure if you were seeing a lot of it yesterday – you might have because of the poppies symbolizing Remembrance Day – but I’ve been seeing a lot of red recently in the news.

“Why Starbucks Christmas cup has some Christians seeing red”

It wasn’t until a few years after launching the website for Conscious PR that I learned that psychologically, red invokes anger in people. Oh no! What about love?… And while the recent Starbucks red cup controversy has been angering Christians, I also wanted to talk about the notion of red meaning stop. Or at least slowing down.

At the second DreamTalks event in September, I learned about Conscious Calendars, which is a technology created by Kathleen Whalen for determining what you could possibly do in your day, according to the energy of Vedic astrology and the cycle of our moon. At the event, her colleague talked about the following Sunday being a day of rest. He recommended that we meditate as long as possible that day. And while that was my intention (Leo even cleaned our house the day before), I ended up working that day. And it was not a restful Sunday.

Earlier this month, Whalen’s colleague, Dolan Ramsey, presented at Matt Astifan’s Internet Mastermind Meetup about how he got 1.4 million Facebook fans in less than a year. And he credited Conscious Calendars for helping him do that. The premise of the calendars is that on green days, you go and do things as much as possible for abundance, wealth, progress, and results. On yellow days, you slow down, stay behind the scenes, and watch out for conflict, drama, and issues with technology and transit. And on red days, you slow the heck down and not do anything. Yesterday was supposedly the red day of November, and indeed I did face some phone issues and things not going as expected.

Because I was expecting things to not go perfectly, I was okay with it. And it reminded me that whether or not you believe in Vedic Astrology, at some point or another, you MUST slow down. You must stop. And don’t wait for Christmas to come along to remind you of it!

I’ve had a few conversations with men recently who work in very artistic professions, and who don’t necessarily take weekends off like the rest of us. I found myself feeling grateful that even though I don’t have to follow the weekday routine, I choose my weekends and I have a business that allows me two of 7 days for rest and reflection.

If not red, what are the signs that tell you to slow down sometimes?

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