This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

Whistler and the people who teach us connection

We’re back!

Our short time away seemed like much longer than one week, due to another excursion I took to Portland, OR with family right after working at the Impact Economy Summit in Whistler on October 5-9.

The days were long and there was a lot of mental stimulation over those 5 days, and something that graphic artist Corrina Keeling said on Thursday struck me: the need to spend some time in nature. Beside the Squamish Lillooet Cultural Centre Longhouse was a short trail and I got to have a moment alone there with nature, the air, and myself. It helped me to reconnect with myself, as I was spending a good time that week thinking about how the people in the room were so powerful and game-changing for the world. I began to think that our work was small, even though I know that was just my own ego.

I learned that if I was going to really live out our value of Connection, that it wasn’t about separating myself from these people, or any other people I might encounter in life or business. Connection really is about finding the similarities between us – even if just being human is the only similarity you can find.

Nature is an excellent facilitator between people and the earth, and I found myself telling others about my Social Venture Institute experience at Hollyhock last year, and how waking up in nature, eating in nature, swimming in nature, and dancing with others in nature had a much more ethereal effect for us all, or at least it did in my opinion.

With extreme thanks for the opportunity that Sadaf and I were given, and for the moments that life allows us to connect with each other and with nature — what would you like to give tribute to this post-Thanksgiving?

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