This is an archived blog from when I ran Conscious Public Relations Inc. from 2008-2018. Excuse the potential outdated-ness!

A life fully lived

Last week I attended the funeral service for an old friend of my mom’s. It was about 13 years since we were last in contact, until she messaged me on Facebook in May and invited me to the visit by the Philippine President, Benigno Aquino III. She said she had about five guests to invite and extended one of those invitations to me.

With Lita Nuguid, third from right

The President’s visit was very interesting. I wasn’t able to understand most of what he said, because he spoke in native Tagalog. However I was witness to Christy Clark, Minister Jason Kenney, and a few other Philippine government officials speaking, and was in a room of about 2,000 other city councillors, media, and members of the Filipino community. I felt honoured to be invited and it served as a reminder of my national heritage.

When I heard Lita’s eulogy, I learned that she was the eldest child and the first person to earn a significant income for her family. After having two kids, she immigrated to Canada and her first job was at Drake International. Over the years, she ran a business, and became a significant part of the business and Filipino communities here in the city. She lived a full life and touched many people, and it reminded me that we never know when this life will end. All we can do each day is live life to the fullest and if it were our last. That’s certainly the memory I have of my Tita Lita – living a full, regret-less life.

Leo’s birthday passed this weekend and it was great to celebrate it with his family, my family, and his close friends. Sometimes I get wrapped up in my own life that I forget the impact that I have as a partner on him. He is a person who I think lives to the fullest each day, and I know that I am better because I know and live my life by his side.

May this be a reminder to you of the significance of your life, and that of those around you.

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